Angela and Teddy


Angela and Teddy were a dog act from Swindon who reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 5. Before the audition, Angela revealed that she had owned Teddy since he was two months old, and that once she knew he could dance 'we tried to find a club ... but there wasn't anyone near us so we started working on our own'.

In their audition, they performed to 'Roll Out the Barrel', with Teddy pushing a black barrel along the stage with encouragement from Angela, before jumping over it twice and then walking forwards and backwards between Angela's legs, before jumping through her arms and propping himself up against a lamppost to finish. David remarked 'you're adorable and the dog's adorable', with Amanda adding 'even though he's a bit long in the tooth, I think he did alright!'

The pair began their semi-final performance by pushing a washing trolley across the stage, before Teddy walked backwards through her legs and jumped through her arms as he had done in the audition. Teddy then moved back to the trolley, however appeared startled and jumped into the trolley by mistake, struggling to complete further moves. Simon described the act as 'like Lassie in slow motion', adding 'he doesn't want to do this, he wants to go home and eat a sausage'.

After BGT

Teddy died in December 2011, seven months after appearing on Britain's Got Talent, after suffering breathing problems due to a heart condition. He had been performing for residents of The Cheriton Nursing Home just hours before. Angela continues to run Swindon Dog Dancing School, running classes for dogs and their owners and putting on shows and events.

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