Ann Cooper

Ann Cooper was a skipper who auditioned for Series 9 and Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent. She hailed from Rugby.

Series 9 Edit

Ann Cooper

Cooper's Series 9 audition card.

Cooper auditioned for Britain's Got Talent in Series 9 aged 67, impressing the Judges and advancing through to the second round. Her audition was not aired, however she appeared on a card used by the Judges whilst deliberating.

Series 12 Edit

Cooper's second audition was in Series 12, aged 70. In her audition, she joked about people carrying 'too much meat on their bones', explaining that the solution to this was to skip. She joked that when you first begin to skip, you can also use it as a whip. She then went on to state that when you feel super fit you should get your skipping rope out of your bag and show it the entire world, and to give everyone in the surrounding area a show. She concluded her performance by joking that she shouldn't have brought the washing line. She advanced through to the second round, however she failed to make the semi finals.

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