Attraction are a Hungarian shadow theatre group,who won Series 7 of Britain's Got Talent. There are 12 members of Attraction, but only 8 performed on Britain's Got Talent.These were:
  • Katalin Torda
  • Alexandra Tóth
  • Norbert Fehér
  • Andrea Lakatos
  • Zoltán Szűcs
  • Csaba Szentinek
  • Flóra Szabados
  • Janka Kántor

In their audition, they performed a story of a couple who meet, marry and have a daughter. The father goes to war and dies tragically. The piece ended with the mother and daughter visiting his grave. Many members of the audience and the female judges were moved to tears.

In their semi final, they depicted the story of a man growing up with his mother by his side. However on a trip with his lover, he gets the news that his mother is sick. His mother then dies, but he is cheered up when his lover reveals that she is pregnant.

In their final performance they performed a patriotic tribute to Britain. They paid homage to the Olympics being held the year before in London, and also formed the shape of British icons like Winston Churchill, the Queen and a lion. They won the competition over huge favourite Jack Carroll, becoming the first foreign act to win Britain's Got Talent.