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Welcome to the BGT Wiki, before you begin editing may I please ask that you read the rules for this particular wiki. Please note that rules can change from wiki to wiki, so this wikis communal rules may differ from the rules of others:


Rule 1: Do not spoil the show, so if you have been in the audience of any upcoming audition, please do not talk about this until their audition has been televised. If you do this you will first be warned, then later blocked for a minimum time of two weeks.

Rule 2: No Vandalism, as in this community vandals are taken very seriously. If you are spotted as having vandalised upon the wiki, your edit will be removed from the page that you vandalised, and a message will be placed on your talk page, alongside a link to this page (In the case of anonymous users your edits may need removing manually or if you do several at least one may need to as that way you will be tagged and linked to this page). If this rule is broken a second time then you will be blocked for a minimum of a month.

Rule 3: If a user edits a page or creates a page which has nothing to do with the show it will be deleted as this wiki is for BGT acts and judges having pages so any content of audience member pages or random pages from misunderstanding wrong answers on game shows will be deleted by an admin upon their discovery. Additionally any shows outside of the BGT Brand that have a page will be deleted (BGT Brand shows include BGT, BGMT, BGT Unseen, & The Champions (Series 1), if a contestant appears upon an external show or competes on one this info should only ever be displayed on their respective page.

Rule 4: Do not add categories if you do not first discuss them with an admin. If an admin disagrees with your proposed new categories then they will be removed and you will be given a warning not to add undiscussed categories again and linked to this page.

Rule 5: On the subject of categories ensure to check what types of act are located in them, such as only Semi-Finalists & Finalists for example being included in the overall 'Series' category for Series 1-3 & 5-13 (There are minor discrepancies of the Untelevised Kayim Ali-Jaffer and Stan Saxon being included in the Series 4 overall 'Series' category, and every act from Series 14 being included in the Series 14 overall 'Series' category), this is to ensure that you do not add acts to categories when they should not be added there and following this rule saves admins time as they will not have to revert edits in order to remove categories from pages as the contents of them may have been misunderstood at first glance at the category or categories in question at any given moment in time.

Rule 6: Do not display any indecent images of any kind surrounding any act. If you make a page for a burlesque act such as Tallulah Blue or a page for an act such as What A Palaver ensure that within the image the act is censoring themselves in some way. If the act does not censor themselves ensure to obtain an image where the show whether it be BGT, BGMT, or BGT Unseen censors the act so that way no nudity is shown.

Rule 7: Do not assume that any BGT Contestant or Champions contestant is on any form of external show such as The Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer until their Unmasking clarifies this. Alongside this do not assume an act progressed to the Semi-Finals and write this upon their page if this does not seem fully confirmed by the show.

Rule 8: Do not make any future Untelevised Acts pages without the proof of an image of the act backstage, on a monitor during the deliberations, their contestant card in the deliberations or their presence in the deliberations, an image of them being shown within another form of media, or an act wearing the clothes they auditioned in within a private and enclosed area in the case of Steven Goldblatt. If you cannot find an image of an act or confirmation that they auditioned from them, ensure to look for a newspaper article surrounding their audition or a Wikipedia section on their Wikipedia page or the BGT Wikipedia page if the contestant has any of these, and ensure to link to this source.

Rule 9: No usages of infoboxes as this site does not use any kind of infoboxes upon it's pages. If you do this you will first be warned, then later blocked for a minimum time of two weeks.

Rule 10A: Always remain both polite & civil when discussing subjects upon discussions boards or blog posts.

Rule 10B: This rule is similar to 10A so feeds into it. Do not advertise other wikis in any form of discussion of a subject on the discussions boards or blog posts, and do not make blog posts or discussions surrounding this. If you are discovered to have done so you will be warned for breaking this rule, and the post will be taken down by an admin whether it is done in the form of a blog post or a discussions post.

Rule 11: Do not make pages for unnamed acts as if you do so, these pages will be deleted. The BGT Wiki does not make pages for any unnamed acts, unless you can discover the acts name. You can ask for an acts name on the discussions board if you don't know an acts name, however wish to make them a page. However acts where but the first name is known can have pages as long as you place their talent in brackets beside them and if differing people have the same name or group names place their series in brackets beside their name, and these pages will not be deleted unless they lack information. Examples of this are Alex (Magician), Rob King (Series 13), & Deja Vu (Series 6).

Rule 12: Do not just add images or categories or both to a page without any kind of information. If this is seen having occurred then the pages will be deleted. If at least 100 of these pages are made prior to a warning you will be blocked for two weeks in order to prevent you from making more of these kinds of pages and remaking those that have been deleted. If this is seen with any number of pages beneath 100 then you will be provided with a warning and linked to this page, and if you do so again you will be blocked for two weeks as it will be clear that you went on to ignore the warning.

Additional Guidance

- If you make an edit which is not to the wikis standards you may be asked why and will then be informed of the wikis standards in order to try and help you comply with these in future edits.

- Try your best to stick to the formulas that pages are written to. If you wish to write an auditions page, an episodes page, a judge or guest judge a page, an untelevised act a page, or an act a page look at the formula for how this is written first so that way your edit or page creation will not require clean-up (For Auditions Pages create any new ones in the Series 8 Auditions - Pages, as the auditions pages that came before it are structured differently as it's much hard to get the performing order for Pre Series 8 Auditions pages). If you are unable to work out how to reference external material for before & after the show subheadings or subheadings of what Champions contestants do after appearing upon Champions this will be done on your behalf by an admin, as will adding images, links or categories if you lack the time to do so.

- Anyone is welcome to join this community, regardless as to whether they have auditioned in the past. If an act edits their page in relation to their audition information this edit should be respected, however if an act adds information that does not quite fit the standard of their page, then this should be rewritten by an admin.

- Before you make a page ensure to check to see if an act already has a page, and before you link to a page ensure you spell the name of the act you are linking to correctly so that confusion is not caused.

- Do not rename a page without a valid reason to do so, and if you do so with a valid reason ensure to change the acts name and links upon any other page that their name is visible upon as it is likely it was also be linked here.

- If you are unsure how to edit something, add an image, add a category, or reference please ask either an admin or the wikis community as these people will attempt to help & support you in your learning experience.

- Take any suggestions that any admin or any other member of the community gives you into account.

- Before making a page surrounding the music any act sings to or utilises in some way during their performance try to find the music that they either sing or performs name and the artist who wrote the music. This could take time and so if you lack the time to do so and write 'an unknown song' then a member of the community can find the song title and artist on your behalf. The same process also applies if you are unsure as to who an impressionist is performing an impression of, or if you are unsure as to who any impersonator is impersonating.

- If you want a discussions post locked due to it veering off-topic, or the question being answered either there or elsewhere ensure to ask an admin to do so on their talk page (If you are an anonymous user who created the discussions post, then tag them in a comment and request they do that if you feel the discussions post needs locking). If an admin responds to the post in order to answer a question and you think the matter is closed then tag the admin in a comment upon the post and ask them to lock the post for you. If an admin has any queries that are answered there or elsewhere and they think the matter is closed then it is their responsibility to lock the post with this also applying for if a post of theirs veers off-topic. If an admin forgets to do so for whatever reason however though, and another admin finds this then the other admin is to lock the post as the original admin may not have had the time to do so, had forgotten to do so, or had been meaning to do so at a later point in time and this would save the original admin the job of locking the post if any of these occurrences were to occur atop of this too.

- When writing pages for acts who use stage names ensure to name the page after the stage name (Which can occur with the majority of types of talent, bar duos & groups as groups have group names so all you do is write that and what series they auditioned within in the first paragraphs first sentence, & then write the group members names and where they are from) however when writing the pages ensure to write their real name if it is known to the audience either via BGT or via external sources, before then placing what they are professionally known as in brackets. Examples of this process include Kevin Quantum's page which reads 'Kevin McMahon (Professionally known as Kevin Quantum)' in it's first sentence, Rogue's page which reads 'Roger Quan (Professionally known as Rogue)' in it's first sentence, & Kat Hudson's page which reads 'Katerina Hudson (Professionally known as Kat Hudson)' in it's first sentence in terms of magicians, 'Deborah Brown (Professionally known as Princess Rebel)' in it's first sentence in terms of singer and / or musicians, & 'Mohamed Nasir Nabil Abdul Rashid bin Suleman Obineche (Professionally known as Nabil Abdulrashid)' in it's first sentence in terms of comedians who audition, however ensure that you name their page after their stage name if this is what they go by. These first sentences however must always be placed at the very start of the first paragraph and beneath the acts image (If an act is Untelevised and have no image it just goes into the first paragraph within it's first sentence).

Blocking Policy

Unless stated otherwise above, the blocking policy for this Wiki is as follows:

- On the first occurrence of a rule being broken, we will leave a verbal warning on your talk page. (in some cases this will just be a friendly note - we're aware that people make mistakes!) There is a possibility of us administering a short block (no more than a day or so) if a user is very quickly making changes (e.g. adding lots of pages to an unnecessary category) just to get your attention.

- If a user continues to break the rules upon receiving this warning, they will receive a short block in the range of a few days to a week. Further violations of the rules will lead to longer blocks.

- Any duplicate accounts with the same IP address as a currently blocked member will be blocked indefinitely.