Bang On
Bang On! are a drumming duo consisting of Dave and Katie who made it to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 2. In the audition, they performed on an orange drumkit without any music. All three Judges were impressed, and Simon Cowell described them as 'brilliant percussionists'.

In the semi-finals, they took on board previous critiscism and played to a piece of music ('4 minutes' by Madonna). They began on the balcony, and walked down he stairs to the drumkit whilst hitting their sticks. When the music paused they scraped their brushes together, at which point Piers Morgan pressed his buzzer. They then brought out a chair and began drumming on that. Simon Cowell then pressed his buzzer. They then returned to their drumkit and finished the performance. They were critiscised for their choice of song, and did not make the Finals.