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Calum Courtney is a singer who made the final during Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent. He was aged 10 at the time of audition, and before his audition he stated 'I don't practice; I just sing'. When Alesha asked him whether he thought he could win the show, he replied 'hopefully'.

In his audition, he performed 'Who's Loving You' by The Jackson 5 - an unexpected twist due to his introduction consisting solely of pop music. After his audition, David commended him, stating 'you did absolutely brilliantly today'. Amanda added 'that was one of the biggest reactions I think we've had from anybody this year'.

In the semi finals he performed 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder. Midway through his performance a backing choir began to sing and a projection of Calum was shown as he sang on the screen behind him. His performance ended with a photo of Calum and his mother on the screen behind him. He received a standing ovation. Simon stated that he didn't ever believe that someone had come on the BGT stage and 'Rewritten a Stevie Wonder song for their mum!' Alesha added that he had done 'Really well to cope with [his] nerves.' He made the top three of his semi final which later entered deadlock as he had two votes from Simon and David, yet his opposition the B Positive Choir had two votes from Amanda and Alesha. Calum however won the public vote and advanced straight onwards to the final, however the B Positive Choir later made the final as the wildcard act of the series.

In the final he performed Good Feeling by Flo Rida in front of several large blue lights. Alesha remarked that one thing she knew for sure was the he had 'Soul!' Amanda added that his level of talent during the final went up and completely 'through the roof!' He concluded the final in ninth place overall.

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