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David J Watson is a variety act and recurring contestant on Britain's Got Talent, who has auditioned for the show on 11 occasions. On the first 10 of these occasions he was sent home, however in Series 14 he reached the Second Round for the first time.

Series 2

Watson 1st auditioned for Series 2 of Britain's Got Talent as an impressionist. He planned to impersonate three politicians; Tony Blair, William Hague, and David Blunkett. However each of his 'impressions' simply consisted of him reading excerpts of speeches from a piece of paper, wearing a 'bald' wig for Hague and a beard for Blunkett. From very early into his audition, the audience were calling for him to leave the stage, with Simon later stating 'it was because you were rubbish'. He did not advance through to the next round.

Series 4

In Watson's Series 4 audition, he was brought onto the stage in a concealed cardboard box, with a 'trainer' named Nigel, remarking 'the animal I'm working with tonight has not been fed for two weeks'. Watson then emerged from the box, dressed as the Incredible Hulk and carrying a wand. He then shouted 'you wouldn't like me when I'm angry' to Simon, before performing a dance around the stage, during which he was 'buzzed off'. Amanda described the act as 'bloody awful', however the Judges remarked that they remembered Watson from Series 2. Once again, he did not advance through to the next round.

Series 5

Watson returned in Series 5 as a magician, remarking that he had been practising magic for two years. The act consisted of Watson pouring water into a pint glass, before also pouring beer into a pint glass. Once again he was 'buzzed off', with Amanda remarking 'this is not the year that you're gonna be performing in front of the Queen'.

Series 7

Watson returned once again in Series 7, describing his act as 'off the wall acrobatics'. The act consisted of Watson drilling through a wall, whilst a number of actors behind the wall 'pretended' to be spun around. Alesha remarked 'I just don't know where this act can go', to which Simon replied 'it can go home'.

Series 8

Watson returned in Series 8 in drag, introducing himself as 'Miss Direction' and his act as 'hot magic'. Watson began the act by eating a chilli; his assistant then performed a magic trick, however the audience was focussed on Watson, who was visibly ill. Simon described the performance as 'a horror of an act'.

Series 9

Watson began his Series 9 audition by handing David a remote control, stating that if he paused it, the act would freeze. He then proceeded to open a box and remove a teddy bear, prompting David to 'fast-forward' to the end of the act. David and Amanda both opted to send Watson through to the next round, however both Simon and Alesha said 'no', once again sending Watson home.

Series 10

Watson auditioned again in Series 10. In his audition he wore the beard he had previously work in Series 2, and performed an act involving sitting at a table with an assistant. He did not advance through to the next round.

Series 11

Watson returned for Series 11, entering the stage with the suitcase he had used in previous auditions. He then proceeded to stand behind a screen and perform a silhouette routine, which he later described as a re-enactment of a Batman and James Bond scene. Alesha described the act as 'your best work yet', with both her and David giving Watson a 'yes' vote, however Amanda and Simon gave a 'no' vote, meaning that once again he did not advance.

Series 12

In Series 12, Watson performed a ventriloquist act, pulling a doll modelled on himself out of his suitcase and attempting to perform jokes. Simon described the act as 'the worst you've been in nine years', however David remarked 'you are the heart and soul of this show'. The Judges voted in the same way as the previous series, sending Watson home.

Series 13

Watson's Series 13 audition marked his 10th audition, and as a result his audition contained elements of his auditions from Series 2, 4 and 8, before performing an impersonation of Donald Trump. Amanda described the act as 'a celebration of rubbish', and David and Simon voted yes, however Alesha and Amanda said no, before Stephen Mulhern ran onto the stage and pressed the Golden Buzzer. However, David then explained that 'Stephen doesn't actually have a Golden Buzzer', meaning that he once again left the show at the audition stage.

Series 14

Watson returned for Series 14 of Britain's Got Talent with a magic act. He placed a number of un-blown balloons into a hat (asking the Judges what colours he was holding and telling Simon he was incorrect whenever he answered), before asking David to remove the balloons, revealing that they were now tied together. Simon described the act as 'arguably one of the worst you've done', however David and Alesha agreed that the act was his 'best audition yet', and with Amanda agreeing, he advanced through to the second round for the first time, however despite this he failed to reach the Semi-Finals.

After BGT

In 2019 he played himself in 'Oh No! Ivor the Dance King and some of his friends try to save the world!!'.[1]