David Walliams is a children's entertainer and comedian who has been a judge on Britain's Got Talent since Series 6. As well as his appearance on the show, he is also well known for his children's books, as well as appearing in comedy shows such as Little Britain and Come Fly With Me. He also presented a one-off Christmas special of Blankety Blank and acts as the voice over for a clip show named Revenge of Alright on the Night. He also provided the voice of Pudsey in Pudsey the Dog: The Movie. He also provided the voice of The Voice Trumpets with Rochelle Humes when they joined the existing cast of Daniel Rigby, Antonia Thomas, Jim Broadbent, Fearne Cotton and Jane Horrocks in 2017, in the reboot of classic British children’s television series Teletubbies.

Preferred Acts

David is known for his wacky sense of humor and often for giving a chance to 'novelty' acts or acts that other Judges have found un-talented. Most of his Golden Buzzers have come from acts who would otherwise not have made it past the audition stage. However, David is also a fan of comedy and is one of the first Judges to give his opinion on comic acts.

Golden Buzzers

2014: Christian Spiridon

2015: Lorraine Bowen

2016: Anne & Ian Marshall

2017: Kyle Tomlinson

2018: Donchez Dacres

2019: Flakefleet Primary

2019 (The Champions): Paddy and Nico

2020: Sign Along With Us

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