Diversity are a street dance group that won Series 3 of Britain's Got Talent. They were formed in 2006, and consist of the members:

  • Ashley Banjo
  • Jordan Banjo
  • Mitchell Craske
  • Sam Craske
  • Ike Ezekwugo
  • Perri Kiely
  • Warren Russell
  • Ashton Russell
  • Terry Smith

In their audition, only Perri seemed like the youngest member of the group, until Mitchell emerged from a gym bag during the performance.

In the semi finals, they portrayed a robbery onstage. They were voted into the final on the judges choice over Natalie Okri

In the final, they started out by forming a large transformers shape. Mitchell then appeared wearing a superman costume and then Perri pretended to audition for Britain's Got Talent, getting three X's. They won the competition over big favourite Susan Boyle.

In 2017 Robert Ankar died due to a car crash.