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The Golden Buzzer is a buzzer on the Judges' Panel which, when pressed, automatically grants an act a place in the Semi-Finals. The Judges, and hosts Ant & Dec, each have one opportunity per series to press it for any act they decide. The Golden Buzzer was introduced in Series 8 of Britain's Got Talent and has been present in every series since.

To date, it has been been taken advantage of a total of three times. David Walliams used his first two Golden Buzzers (Series 8 & Series 9) on Christian Spridon and Lorraine Bowen. These acts were both seen as comical despite the first portraying himself as a serious artist. - Stephen Mulhern, the host of Britain's Got More Talent, pressed the Golden Buzzer for David J Watson in 2019, after his 10th appearance on the show; however this was confirmed to have no effect by officials, and by David Walliams who pointed out that "he doesn't even have a Golden Buzzer".

In Series 8 (2014) a total of two golden buzzer acts made the finals. In Series 9 (2015) three golden buzzer acts made the finals. In Series 10 (2016) a total of four golden buzzer acts made the finals. History was made in Series 11 (2017) with all five golden buzzer acts making the final after Sarah Ikumu was chosen as the wildcard and prior to this she was the one golden buzzer of the series, who saw herself eliminated. In Series 12 (2018) three golden buzzer acts made the final. In Series 13 (2019) most of the golden buzzers were contestants of previous fame, or professional acts, although but two of them who did not have previous fame and were not professional acts made the final. In Series 14 (2020) three golden buzzer acts made the final, with Jon Courtenay becoming the first ever Golden Buzzer act to win the main show, alongside fellow Golden Buzzer act Sign Along With Us placing as the Runners-Up, whilst the third golden buzzer to make the final, Nabil Abdulrashid failed to make the Top 3.

In the spin-off show The Champions (Series 1) (2019) there were a few changes to the golden buzzer which only occured on the said spin-off show. The changes were that only one select judge got to use the golden buzzer weekly, and the golden buzzer acts advanced straight through to the final as the spin-off began at the semi-finals stage, yet had the golden buzzer enabled.

More British Got Talent brand history was made in The Champions (Series 1) with the entirety of the top three being golden buzzer acts, thus making Twist and Pulse the first ever golden buzzer act to win a British Got Talent Show, with fellow golden buzzer acts Stavros Flatley coming second and Kseniya Simonova coming third respectively.

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