Iona Luvsandorj

Iona Luvsandorj is a contortionist who reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 2.

She began her audition by sitting on a box, before lifting her whole body off of the box using but one hand. She then did a handstand on the box, and bent her legs towards her head. After this, she lay on her chest and made her feet touch the floor next to her head. Next, she stood on her own shoulders and performed another handstand. Finally, she bit onto a piece of material on the box, and lifted her whole body off the box using but her mouth. Simon Cowell described her as 'spellbinding', and went on to state 'Prince Charles will love you'. She later advanced onwards to the following round, before making the semi-finals.

In the semi-final, she wore a silver suit. She entered the stage whilst performing a handstand. She then performed another handstand on a podium, and did the splits in mid-air. After this, she bent her legs towards her head and moved around the podium using but her hands. She did not advance to the final.

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