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Katherine & Joe O'Malley were a singing duo who auditioned for Series 12 ,Series 13 and Series 14 of Britain's Got Talent, reaching the Semi-Final in the latter. Katherine was aged 36 by the time of their 3rd audition and Joe was aged 59. The pair hail from Salford.

Series 12

Katherine and Joe auditioned for Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent under the name 'Beauty and the Beast', dressed as the aforementioned characters (Katherine stated that Joe's mask is from China). Before their audition, they stated that 'it would be a dream to perform in front of the Royal Family, and I’d like to think they’d like us as well'.

In their audition, they performed 'Something There' from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Katherine sung the first verse with a good singing voice, however when Joe began to sing it was clear that his voice was inadequate. After their audition, Alesha commended Katherine, stating 'your voice is actually quite pleasant', however Simon remarked to Joe 'I'd find it hard to sing with that mask', with David adding 'you need a bigger hole'. They did not advance through to the next round, and after they had left the stage, Joe remarked 'I didn't really want to do it in the first place'.

Series 13

In Series 13, Katherine and Joe returned as Elsa and Sven from "Frozen." As Elsa, Katherine sang "Let it Go" from the Frozen soundtrack by Idina Menzel. Further into the song, Joe, as Sven started tap dancing, and with more energy at the climax of the song. After the performance, Simon criticized the act, and Amanda commented how he's always said the most important thing about the show is listening to the audience behind him, so Simon left and let the audience decide. Alesha voted "No," but the audience, Amanda, and David voted "Yes," keeping them in the competition, however, they did not make the judges top 40 acts to perform in the live shows.

Series 14

Katherine and Joe returned once again for Series 14 as Ariel and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. They performed 'Part of Your World' by Jodi Benson and 'Under The Sea' by Samuel E. Wright from "The Little Mermaid" soundtrack, with Katherine singing as Joe once again performed a tap dance, performing in front of the Judges' Panel at the end of the routine. Simon criticized the act once again, remarking 'out of the three performances this was the worst'. David however praised the duo, describing them as 'the spirit of Britain's Got Talent'. Simon once again said 'no', however they advanced through to the second round with three 'yesses'.

Before their performance a VT was shown of the duo's 'Fairytale' love story, and their numerous attempts to reach the Live Shows. In their Semi-Final performance, Katherine dressed as Elsa with Joe as Olaf from Frozen. They performed 'Into the Unknown' by Idina Menzel, with Joe descending onto the stage midway through the performance, however, he unfortunately stumbled at the end after one of the taps on his tap shoes broke off. Alesha buzzed the act, remarking 'you are great fun, but I missed the crab'. David however praised the duo, describing the act as 'the perfect fusion of song and dance together'.

After BGT

In Winter 2020 they performed alongside fellow comedians Francine Lewis, Robert White, Steve Royle, Daliso Chaponda and Lost Voice Guy as part of a skit by David Walliams known as 'Comedy Christmas Calendar' which occurred during the Britain's Got Talent Christmas Spectacular.


Ant & Joe are distant cousins.