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Lee Ridley (Professionally known as Lost Voice Guy), is a stand-up comedian from Newcastle who was crowned the winner of Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent, at the age of thirty seven. He surpassed Opera Singer Paul Potts' record as the shows oldest winner by one year of age, only for Series 13 winner Colin Thackery to surpass his newly set record by a staggering fifty two years of age. He has cerebral palsy, which causes him to be unable to speak.

Lee's audition consisted of him making jokes about being disabled, having his voice machine be the voice machine at the train station and post office, and about not giving up his train seat for another disabled man. After his audition, David described the act as 'hilarious from start to finish', with Alesha adding 'it was brilliantly funny and I can't wait to hear more'.

He performed in the first Semi-Final. Before the semi finals he seemed to perform an interview about his Cerebral Palsy meaning it took a bit longer for him to reply to people’s questions, and stated that he had had Cerebral Palsy since the age of six months old. In the semi finals he did a piece on his audition being on YouTube for anyone who had missed it, yet the comments were disabled. He then joked that he were honoured to be performing in the semi finals, and that his parents were still awaiting whether his first word would be ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy.’ He then did a piece on looking everywhere for his voice, yet not finding it, but instead finding the TV remote so he could mute BGT whenever Simon spoke. He then did a piece on not being bothered to go to a radio interview so instead sending his computer yet a note playing press play. He then did a piece on answering questions buried in music which he stated he were asked daily, before stating that his Cerebral Palsy meant that it’d be bad if you were stuck behind him on a staircase if there were a fire, and stated that he were disabled ‘Since before it was popular.’ He then did an ‘Impression’ of The Queen ordering the British Public to vote for Lost Voice Guy, or ‘The Corgi gets it!’ He then stated ‘You’ve been a wonderful audience, even if you haven’t, I can't really change what I say at this point!’ Amanda commented that it were ‘Really important that comedy pushes boundaries!’ Simon remarked that he ‘Was liking it until the midway point, but when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!’ As his performance concluded Lost Voice Guy stated that he felt amazing, and blown away by the love of the judges and the audience. He won the public vote and advanced to the final.

In the Final he greeted the judges and audience. He then joked that the ‘Fame had gone to his head’, and that he had a facelift which were almost as bad as Simon’s. He then did a piece on having drinks in a bar and not typing no in time to not have another drink, before stating that in the end he fell over and became known as ‘The Lost Balance Guy.’ He then asked the audience not to heckle him as it’d take too long for him to reply to them. He then asked David if he were having a nice time in ‘This generic town or city’ as David responded ‘Yes thank you!’ Lee then replied ‘Good!’ He then did a piece on people wondering why he wanted to put himself in a position where everyone could stare and laugh at him, before stating it happened to him daily anyway, and that he wanted to be famous and that way there were a ‘Scheduled time and place for it.’ He then did a piece on being in a disabled Steps tribute band known as Ramps, which were a bit of an uphill struggle. He then did a piece on thinking of going on The X Factor to see the look on the judges faces as soon as they were to realise that he could not sing, dance, or talk. He then 'sang' I’m Still Standing by Elton John. He then informed the judges and the audience that the last three minutes he’d been voting for himself on his tablet. He then stated ‘I hope you had fun laughing at a disabled man, goodbye!’ Simon remarked ‘There’s nothing to judge here’ other than to say that Lee was an ‘Incredibly talented, nice, and funny guy.’ David concluded that it were ‘The ultimate example of turning something that might be a negative, losing [his] voice all those years ago, into a positive!’ He then went on to win the final and the series against fellow comedian Robert White.

After BGT

In November 2018, Lost Voice Guy performed on BBC Two comedy show Live at the Apollo. He also appeared on the New Year Special of Channel 4 show The Last Leg.

Lost Voice Guy toured around North Wales (most notably the town of Aberystwyth) and potentially elsewhere across Britain early 2019, and seems as if he may be touring until the end of the year. In February 2019, he appeared in an episode of a BBC Three TV Series named Jerk. Lost Voice Guy took part in America's Got Talent: The Champions, a spin-off of America's Got Talent featuring global Got Talent contestants, in 2019. He took part in the 5th semi final on February 4th, but failed to make it to the final. He also wrote a book entitled I'm Only In It For The Parking.

Before he began his performance a VT was shown of Lee auditioning people to be 'The new voice of Lost Voice Guy.' He came onto the stage on the back of a mobility scooter with a driver driving it to begin his The Champions (Series 1) performance, he joked people now drove him to places as he saved his winnings from Series 12 especially for this. He joked about having his own emoji, Simons plastic surgeon, being from Newcastle yet his voice being from PC World (A British computer store). He then joked his father wanted him to play sports yet he had bad reflexes. He then jokingly apologised to many women for using his disability to get kissed by them, as he left the stage the list from his tablet continued. Simon Cowell stated that what he found funny was the fact that he [Lost Voice Guy] was 'laughing before the jokes' as he knew what jokes would come off of his tablet next. Before Lost Voice Guy left the stage he informed everyone that Britain's Got Talent had changed his life a lot as before it he was being stared at for negative reasons, yet since he won people began to stare at him for more positive reasons. He did not advance through to the final of the champions.

He appeared as a guest on Lorraine on October 4th 2019, where he discussed the fact that Meghan Markle was a fan of his, how his life had changed since his BGT win in series 12, and the fact that he was going on tour in 2020 which would be him answering silly questions about his disability that fans would ask him, later stating that he used jokes about his disability as a defence mechanism as he felt as if nobody could laugh at him, if he laughed at himself first. In April 2020 he contributed to live telethon The Big Night In on BBC One, in partnership with Children In Need and Comic Relief by providing Comedy from home.

In Winter 2020 he performed alongside fellow comedians Francine Lewis, Robert White, Steve Royle, Daliso Chaponda and Katherine & Joe O'Malley as part of a skit by David Walliams known as 'Comedy Christmas Calendar' which occurred during the Britain's Got Talent Christmas Spectacular.

On Friday 19th March 2021 Ridley appeared upon a pre-recorded segment of Comic Relief, which was most likely filmed at his home potentially due to COVID-19 Restrictions, several media personalities such as newsreaders, actors, comedians, & comedic duos who also filmed their segments in vehicles, workplaces or their homes told a singular joke. In his brief segment Ridley told but the first half of his joke about having once been a part of a disabled Steps tribute band known as Ramps once again, as he had previously told the full joke three years earlier in 2018 as a part of his BGT Final performance.