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Loveable Rogues are a band that made it to the Final of Britain's Got Talent in Series 6. The band consists of Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay Muharrem and Te Eugene Qhairo. Both Sonny & Te were 18 at the time of their audition, and Eddie was 20 at the time of their audition. The group met when they were in college together and both Eddie & Te worked in a Jack Wills' clothes shop, whereas Sonny worked in a bar at a Country Club. When asked who formed the group Eddie responded that he were the one who had formed the group.

In their audition they performed one of their original songs entitled 'Lovesick', as Te sang, whilst Sonny sang and played the Ukelele & Eddie sang and played the Guitar. Their performance began with Te singing, whilst Sonny played the Ukulele & Eddie played the Guitar, however began to sing during the chorus, before Eddie sang the second verse alone as Sonny did not play the Ukelele at this portion of the song and Te did not sing at this portion of the song. They later advanced onto the following round before later reaching the Semi-Finals. Alesha described their personalities as just 'shining in abundance', adding her belief that the trio blended 'brilliantly together', whereas David compared them to being like 'Madness or The Kinks' before adding his belief that they were like a 'great London band' stating that if they were to release an album the following day he would 'buy it'. They later advanced onto the following round, before advancing onto the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals they once again performed 'Lovesick', as a flaming background was shown behind them, however this time the trio began by singing the end of the chorus, before Eddie began singing the song from the second verse. Towards the end of the second verse both Sonny & Te sang a small portion, before Eddie took over once again, before they then performed the chorus once again, before Eddie played the Guitar & Sonny played the Ukelele as Eddie sang the third verse, before the trio once again performed the chorus in order to conclude their performance. They won the Public Vote and advanced directly onto the Final.

In the Final they performed another original song entitled 'Honest' with Te singing the first portion of the song before Eddie joined in, whilst both Eddie & Sonny played the Guitar and the Ukelele at specific portions of the song. Once again they performed the chorus together, before Eddie performed the second verse, before the group performed the chorus once again in order to finalise their performance. They ultimately concluded the Final in fourth place overall.

After BGT

On June 12th 2012, they informed their fans to check the papers of tomorrow for 'good news!'. This turned out to be the fact that the band had been signed to record label Syco Music. In late 2012, the band released a free mixtape through their Soundcloud channel. The collection of songs was released as a free download and was called 'First Things First'. Their debut single, "What A Night" was previewed along with new songs such as "Maybe Baby", "Talking Monkeys" and "Honest". Covers were also on the mixtape including their version of "Charmless Man" and "I Wanna Be The Only One". On February 19th February 2013, they released the video for their debut single "What a Night". The song was released on 21st April 2013.

In November 2012, the Loveable Rogues were confirmed as the support act for Olly Murs' 2013 Right Place Right Time arena nationwide tour. The tour included playing two sold-out hometown shows at London's The O2 Arena. In the same year they appeared as one of the supporting acts for Little Mix on their 2013 DNA tour, with the other two supporting acts being ReConnected, & The Mend.

On October 18th 2013, it was announced that the band had been dropped by their record label Syco Music. After being dropped by Syco Music the band teamed up with Alex Katter of Gravity MGMT and announced they would be releasing an EP entitled 'Honest' in May, followed by their debut album 'This & That' on 18 August. The boys finished their first ever headline tour 'The Talking Monkeys Tour' in March 2014 travelling across the UK to perform at different venues for their fans. Their second headline tour was called 'This & That'. The tour occurred during November 2014. The album This & That went straight into #37 on the UK Albums Chart with a high position of #6 on the iTunes chart. The Loveable Rogues announced that after their 'This & That Tour' in November that they would be parting ways. Sonny Jay Muharrem joined Brentwood radio station Phoenix FM as a presenter in June 2015. His show "Sonny Jay's Phoenix Nights" could be heard on Friday nights from 10pm-midnight. In 2016, Sonny joined Capital FM to present Thursday and Friday overnights. After but a year he joined Capital Breakfast with both Roman Kemp and Vick Hope, however Hope was later replaced by Sian Welby. On Friday 25th October 2019 Sonny Jay claimed the Guinness World Record for the 'Most Justin Bieber songs identified from their lyrics in one minute' live on the Capital FM Breakfast show which he co-hosted at that time with Roman Kemp & Vick Hope at the studios home in London, United Kingdom by identifying twenty two songs.[1] Between 17th January & 14th March 2020 Sonny Jay competed upon ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' alongside professional skating partner Angela Egan, and the pair ultimately won the competition. On Saturday 6th February 2021 Sonny Jay appeared upon CBBC's 'The Ultimate Playlist'. On Saturday 29th May 2021 Sonny Jay appeared as a guest upon an episode of 'Martin & Roman's Weekend Best!'. On Thursday 3rd June 2021 Sonny Jay appeared upon 'Iain Stirling's CelebAbility'. On Monday 5th July & Tuesday 6th July Sonny Jay competed on the second Series of ITV2's 'Celebrity Karaoke Club', being eliminated at the end of the second episode in 12th place overall. On Friday 9th July 2021 Sonny Jay appeared upon an episode of the 'Love Island: The Morning After' Podcast. On Sunday 12th December 2021 Sonny Jay appeared upon a Celebrity Special of ITV's 'The Chase'.