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MD Productions are a dance group from Liverpool who have auditioned for, and reached the Semi-Finals of, Britain's Got Talent on three differing occasions, with these occasions having occurred in Series 1, Series 3, & Series 7.

Series 1

MD first auditioned for Britain's Got Talent in Series 1.

They began their performance behind a sheet covered in graffiti, before tearing it away to reveal the group, covered in face paints. Amanda remarked 'there's a sign behind you saying Britain's Got Talent, we've just found it', with Piers adding 'it was sensational'.

In the Semi-Final, they performed to 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson, wearing Halloween-themed face paint and costumes. Piers remarked 'That was unbelievable', with Amanda adding 'you're an example to Britain, well done'.

Series 3

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In Series 3, MD Productions Showgroup, the 'younger generation' of MD Productions, performed in Britain's Got Talent, once again reaching the Semi-Finals. Prior to being informed that they were the younger generation of the group Simon stated 'we had an MD, I think the first season', however upon finding out that they were the younger generation he added 'alright, well lets treat you in your own right, this is your moment in the spotlight, blow us away', which Amanda agreed upon doing.

The groups audition was only briefly televised. In their audition the group performed in unison to a fast paced rendition of 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson. They received a standing ovation. Simon commented that what had really impressed him was the work that the group had 'put in' & the 'commitment' that they had made. Amanda added 'Welcome to Britain's Got Talent, you're going the whole way'. They later advanced onto the following round, before then advancing onto the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Final the group performed to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. The groups performance began with but a minority of the group upon the stage, before the camera then panned onto a placard that read the word 'Why?', followed by what seemed to be a sudden flash of lightning, before the remainder of the group appeared upon the stage and performed in unison, before certain members knelt down onto the stage for but a few seconds, before other members of the group walked in front of them. Following this the group then performed in unison once more. The group reached the Judges Vote, at the end of the Semi-Final, however they were eliminated as but Simon voted for them, whereas both Piers & Amanda voted for the groups opposition Shaheen Jafargholi.

Series 7


In Series 7, a third generation of MD Productions known simply as 'MD', some of whom were in the 2007 group and some in the 2009 group, once again reached the Semi-Finals of Britain's Got Talent.

In their audition the group performed in unison to 'Green Light' by Beyonce. During their performance the group ran across the stage and turned in unison across the stage. Midway through the performance some of the group members knelt down upon the stage, however others remained stood upright. The group then concluded their performance by once again performing in unison. They later advanced onto the second round, and once again reached the Semi-Finals.

The groups Semi-Final performance began with the noise of what sounded to be a propeller above the stage, whilst several spotlights were cast onto the stage. A fire like effect was then utilised on the sides of the stages, whilst the letters MD were visible in an orange and fire like background behind the group. The group entered the stage and performed to a fast paced piece of music, before then dancing to 'End of Time' by Beyonce, 'Spectrum' by Florence & The Machine, a patriotic song, and a fast paced piece of music, whilst dancing in unison throughout the majority of their performance. The groups performance ended with steam being emitted briefly from the front of the stage. They were eliminated during the Public Vote and ultimately placed seventh at the end of their Semi-Final.


  • Despite the fact that the group have made the Semi-Finals three times, they have only ever advanced onto the Judges Vote portion of the Semi-Finals once, with this one time occurring in Series 3.