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Magus Utopia are a twelve piece fantasy dance troupe who participated in Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent. The group hail from The Netherlands. The members of the group who choreograph their routines are leader Marcel Kalisvaart, & another person named Aquila Junior, who had met Marcel somewhere around the time of 2007.

Their audition began with the leader of the troupe, Marcel Kalisvaart, who stated that his normal job was 'being a fantasy illusionist'. He began the performance lying in bed and setting an alarm clock, before wrapping himself in a blanket and turning into a woman. Marcel then re-appeared and was forced into a cage through a ring of fire, which spears were then pushed through. The cage was then revealed to be empty, and Marcel was revealed to be back in bed. When asked why they had come to Britain's Got Talent, they replied 'We love the UK and we want to show our magic to many people here'. Alesha compared the act to 'a scene from a movie', with Amanda joking 'it felt so twisted and so dark - it was like the inside of Simon's mind'.

Their Semi-Final performance began with Marcel coming out of a time machine and pulling out a sword which then set on fire. Monsters then appeared on stage, throwing Marcel onto a mat and placing him under a wall of spheres that were then set on fire. The spheres fell onto the mat, however Marcel was no longer there - he promptly appeared behind the Judges, screaming. Amanda described the performance as 'grotesque, but in such an incredible way', with David adding 'it was great - weird, but great'. During the Judges' comments, a stage invader pressed the Judges' buzzers, however this was not part of the act.

Before BGT

In 2003 Marcel won the prize for best illusionist at the "World Championships of Magic". According to their website they have been performing Stage Illusions since the year 2012. In 2012 the group won the FISM World Championships of Magic award for Stage Illusion, at this time Series 2 auditionee Edward Hilsum met the group as this information was posted upon a blog of Hilsum's, which is located upon his website wherein he claimed the group 'just [kept] getting better'.[1] The group hold several other awards in Magic alongside this, that they have racked up over the years.[2] Three years prior to their BGT audition, in 2015 the group first competed upon Germany's Got Talent, in the same year they were a part of the FISM Champions of Magic Italy cast (This was posted as a video on Vimeo, and it is likely that either the group or FISM posted this video there). In 2016 the group appeared upon ITV's 'The Next Great Magician' and competed upon the shows 2nd episode however failed to reach the Final.[3] Two years later in 2017 the group performed at the opening ceremony of the 'World Championships of Magic'.

After BGT

The group took part in World's Got Talent held in China in 2019, They also took part in Germany's Got Talent in 2020, for a second time, where they were finalists.[4] Additionally, in 2020 the group competed on France's Got Talent and advanced onto the Final, however they finished below the Top 5, so their overall placement following their finals performance is unknown.[5]