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Mr. Uekusa is a Japanese novelty stripper who reached the Semi-Finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 12. Before his audition, he needed a translator to answer the Judges' questions, and even she was unable to provide a coherent answer to some of the questions. However, he did state that what he did 'made people very happy'. He was the third ever act to have competed on AGT and BGT in the same year, with the first being Siro-A, the second being Charlie Plaçais, the fourth being Gonzo, & the fifth being Wesley Williams.

Mr. Uekusa's audition began by him stripping to his underwear, and balancing a drink on his masked face. He then pulled the mask of, leaving the drink intact. He then repeated this feat with plungers on his chest, before removing his underwear and replacing it with a sheet. A cup was then placed on the sheet, and Uekusa used a tape measure to remove the sheet, before repeating the feat with a champagne bottle. Simon remarked 'are you aware that the winner of this show gets to perform at the Royal Variety?', however the other three Judges enjoyed the act, with David stating 'it was highly erotic'.

In the Semi-Finals he stripped to his underwear before placing small rubber balls on his body to 'One More Time' by Daft Punk. He then had a spatula in his underwear as he later set up a Jenga tower on a table on stage in but his underwear. He then fetched a sheet which he covered his body with, before then wrapping it around his waist and lying down upon the floor. He then placed a bauble on the sheet and removed it, before conducting the exact same activity with a drone, which later winched onto the sheet and flew off of the stage. He then fetched another sheet and a bottle, which he opened the cork off before then balancing a cup on his body to 'I Will Always Love You' by Celine Dion. Amanda buzzed the performance. Alesha remarked that she believed that 'the men on [the] panel had gone nuts!' and added if he were to win BGT, it would be the end of the show. Amanda concluded that she found the scale of the performance 'A bit small'.

Before BGT

In 2016 Uekusa competed on Georgia's Got Talent and made the Semi-Finals (as Naked Comedian) due to receiving a Golden Buzzer on the show.

In Early 2018 Uekusa competed on America's Got Talent as Wes-P, yet did not make it through the auditions.

After BGT

In November 2018 he competed on France's Got Talent and made the Finals (as Uekusa), having also been given a golden buzzer into the Semi-Finals of the show on by receiving one from judge Sugar Sammy a French comedienne.

Later in 2018 Ukeusa auditioned for Italian competition series Tu si que vales, wherein he failed to reach the following round yet for unknown reasons this is undocumented on the Italian Wikipedia page however is in both the media and the shows official YouTube channel.[1]

In 2019 Uekusa competed on Asia's Got Talent as a part of novelty superhero group named Suzuki of Bad X Ten (a.k.a Kazuhisa Uekusa) alongside fellow previous BGT competitor TanBA and future BGT competitors Fabulous Sisters, however Uekusa's group was ultimately eliminated during the Judge Cuts.

In 2020 Uekusa auditioned for Romania's Got Talent, however failed to make the live shows.

In Mid July 2020 he competed upon France Got Talent’s; Battle of the Judges as to which was most probably the countries format for 'The Champions' as 'Uekusa', however his team was eliminated during The Duels.