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Olivia Lynes

Olivia Lynes is a singer who reached the Final and placed 9th in Series 16 of Britain's Got Talent. She was aged 11 and was a schoolgirl at the time of her audition and hailed from Bath. When asked how she were feeling she responded 'A bit nervous'. She received both a Judges Golden Moment from Amanda Holden and Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer.

In her audition, Lynes performed 'Defying Gravity' by Idina Menzel from the musical Wicked. After her performance, Holden pressed her Golden Buzzer, sending her directly through to the Semi-Finals. Bruno described Lynes as 'A singing miracle', with Amanda adding 'I always go on how I feel in my heart and everybody was on their feet, you truly deserved that moment'.

In her Semi-Final, Lynes performed 'Into The Unknown' by Idina Menzel from the musical Frozen II. Bruno described Lynes as 'The new, undisputed Disney princess', with Alesha describing the performance as 'Phenomenal'. She advanced onto the Judge’s Vote wherein she received 3 votes from Alesha, Amanda and Simon sending her to the Final instead of choir John's Boys.

In the Final, Lynes performed ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen by Idina Menzel on a set of an Ice Palace on advice given by actress and theatrical performer Samantha Barks in her pre-performance VT. Simon remarked ‘You were like one of those race horses who see the finishing line and just go’, with Alesha adding ‘I feel like you are living out your fairytale and your dream’.


Following her performance, several viewers took to Twitter in order to complain about how they felt as if her Golden Buzzer was staged as she was Amanda's Golden Moment and the pair had met before Lynes audition. Amanda would later state however, that whilst she surprised Lynes with a Golden Moment she was never aware of how good of a singer she was until she performed on stage.[1][2]


  • She is the first ever Golden Moment act to acquire a Golden Buzzer.