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Paddy and Nico are a salsa-dancing duo who made it to the Final of Britain's Got Talent in Series 8, after receiving Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer. The duo consists of Paddy Jones and Nico Espinosa, who lives in Spain.

Jones had been a dancer when she was younger, however gave up to have children. She then went to live in Spain with her husband. When he passed away, she went to Espinosa's dance academy in order 'to learn something completely different'.

The duo auditioned directly after child dance duo, Lauren and Terrell, during which Simon remarked 'I'm really happy that it wasn't some awful ballroom dance, which I'm becoming really allergic to'. The duo began their audition with a 30-second ballroom routine, during which Simon buzzed. As soon as he did so, both Jones and Espinosa looked at him, before switching to a more exciting salsa routine, which involved Nico spinning Paddy round and lifting her up in the air. At the end of the performance, Amanda pressed her Golden Buzzer, remarking 'me and my Nan are going to be right behind you'. Simon also apologised for pressing his buzzer and described the act as 'extraordinary'.

Before the duo's Semi-Final performance, Jones cracked her rib, initially ruling the pair out of the live shows. However, the following day it was announced that Jones was fit enough to perform. The pair were the penultimate act in the final Semi-Final, in which they performed a salsa routine to 'Livin' La Vida Loca' by Ricky Martin. David praised the act, stating 'what I got from that was your incredible bravery, to come back from an injury and do that'. Alesha added 'I know there were a couple of little mistakes in there but nobody cares ... people have fallen in love with you'. The pair finished in the Top 3, wherein they won the Judges' Vote against singer Bailey McConnell.

The duo were the 9th act to perform in the Final, in which they performed a salsa routine similar to that in their audition. David remarked 'watching the two of you dance just fills my heart with joy', with Amanda adding 'I feel so proud of you'. The duo finished 9th out of 11 acts in the Public Vote.

Paddy's Background

Paddy had left dance behind after she hit the age of 22 to marry her husband David. After their marriage the pair moved to Gandia, in Spain in 2001 where David retired. David later died from Leukaemia two years later, in the year 2003. After the death of her husband, Paddy made the decision to take flamenco classes at Nicolás "Nico" Espinosa's academy of dance, where she learned to dance salsa and formed the salsa dancing duo "Son del Timbal" with Nico (who is 40 years younger than her).

Before BGT

After the international success, the couple competed in the Argentinan Version of Dancing with the Stars. Since they were voted off Showmatch (in round 11) the relationship of the couple grew weaker. Nico, decided it was time to move on, shutting down the bar he ran in Gandia, Spain, where Paddy lived, and moved away from the area. Nico had later moved back to Gandia and the couple later began performing again at Salsa congresses around the world.

After BGT

In 2015 the duo competed on Germany's Got Talent wherein they received a Golden Buzzer from judge Inka Bause and later advanced onto the final of the show. The volume of the duos performances remained heavily restricted at the time due to the injury Paddy sustained when the duo competed on BGT, however despite this the duo placed ninth overall during the shows final.[1]

They later competed on the late-show leg of the 2017 show Chilean Teleton. In February 2018 Paddy performed as a special guest on the 68th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, he danced for three of the five evenings that the event went on for on the notes of the song "Una Vita in vacanza" by a band named Lo Stato Sociale.[2]

The pair later represented Britain's Got Talent on The Champions (Series 1). Their names were spelt as Paddy and Nicko now however though. They danced to Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill. The act began with Nico stood in place, before being joined by Paddy and holding her hand. He then lifted her down to the ground, and danced before lifting her again. He then danced backwards and forwards with Paddy before lifting and spinner her. He then twirled Paddy around, before lifting her and turning her upside down only just making it back onto the ground again on her feet. He later grabbed her hand as she slid onto the floor. He then did the headbanger with Paddy before spinning her around on the floor. He then span her around again, before side stepping with her and lifting her into his arms. He then turned her sidewards and placed her onto the floor enforce returning to the headbanger and another lift. David Walliams commented that there were very few acts that could be watched with 'tears in [his] eyes and a smile on [his] face.' David proceeded to give the duo his golden buzzer, as he went onto the stage and said 'Oh I love you' to Paddy before she kissed him on the cheek. Alesha Dixon added 'You are already champions in my eyes.' Amanda Holden stated 'You know how I feel about you.' Simon Cowell went on to add that it didn't matter how old they were as long as they were determined enough.

In the Finals Nico said "Nobody Puts Paddy in the corner!" Before he later went and picked her up and danced with her. They before to (I've Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. The pair then began spinning around and dancing with one another. Nico then lay down on the floor and lifted Paddy with his legs before the pair span around together. He then helped Paddy do a flip and span her round on the floor before lifting her up. Nico then stood on the opposite side of Paddy and slowly walked up to her and lifted her up to spin her around. He then did a small seemingful slow dance with her on the stage, as the act concluded with Paddy almost lying down and Nico holding her upright. David commented that he believed the routine was "phenomenal". Alesha added that she would "never get tired of [Nico] throwing Paddy around". Amanda praised the duo believing them to be "so British, and so brilliant". Simon concluded that Nico needed thanking for what he had done over the years, and believed "everybody needs a Nico". The duo were eliminated in an undisclosed placement in the bottom 7.

In early January 2020 the duo competed on the second series of America's Got Talent: The Champions, where they were eliminated in the pre-liminaries.

In 2021 the duo advanced onto the Semi-Finals of the seventh season of Spain's Got Talent.


It was revealed that the duo had already won the Spanish version of the talent show Tu Si Que Vales, which is a show very similar to Britain's Got Talent, where they received 10,000 euros. Simon Cowell defended the duo, commenting that '[Paddy] is British and wants a chance to perform in front of the British Royal Family'. They also received controversy on a comment made by Amanda Holden of Pad D-Day, as viewers saw it wrong and distasteful to compare her return from injury to the D-Day Landings.


  • They were the first ever act on Britain's Got Talent to receive the Golden Buzzer.
  • They were on France's Got Talent where they made it to the semi's.
  • They were on Germany's Got Talent where they made it to the final.
  • Paddy holds the Guinness World Record for being the Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer.
  • They are the 8th ever act to receive two Golden Buzzers, yet the first to receive two on the British show via BGT and BGTC respectively.
  • They are the second act in Got Talent history to receive three golden buzzers on three different occasions. They received their first Golden Buzzer on the eighth series of Britain's Got Talent by judge Amanda Holden, their second on Germany's Got Talent in 2015 by judge Inka Bause, and their third on the first series of Britain's Got Talent: The Champions in 2019 by judge David Walliams. However, the first act to pull this off was Gao Lin & Liu Xin, who received their first Golden Buzzer in the auditions of the first series of Asia's Got Talent in 2015 by judge Melanie C., their second in the semi-finals of the same season by the judging panel, which consisted of Mel, David Foster, Anggun, and Vanness Wu, and their third on World's Got Talent in 2019. Both acts were later followed by Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh, who received his first Golden Buzzer on Georgia's Got Talent in 2016 by judge Ia Parulava, his second in the semi-finals of Germany's Got Talent in 2018 by judge Bruce Darnell, and his third on Romania's Got Talent in 2020 by hosts Smiley and Pavel Bartoș.