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Piers Morgan is a journalist and TV personality who was a judge on Britain's Got Talent between Series 1 and Series 4. He left in order to host a CNN chat show in the USA. He later did several interviews with Donald Trump, and began a feud with Lord Alan Sugar. He became a host on Good Morning Britain in 2015 or 2016, and he also captain the World XI team (in reality co- captained, however current King Of The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Jungle Harry Redknapp captained but allowed Morgan to come up with the team tactics) In The 2019 Soccer Aid For UNICEF.

Judging Character

Piers' role on BGT is to provide honest criticism when needed, but also have fun while judging. He usually buzzes acts that have mistakes, or don't seem worthy of winning. Though he will sometimes let joke acts carry on for fun. Though typically if any judge is to buzz, Piers will be the first. In the Semi-Finals, Piers would usually buzz acts that have disappointed him, or broken a promise they made in the auditions. He will often praise an act the most if he thought it was good.

Other Appearances