The Judges during the Series 10 auditions. The audition process for Series 10 of Britain's Got Talent began on Saturday 9th April 2016 and concluded on Saturday 21st May 2016.

Seven episodes of auditions were shown in total, plus a large number of auditions via the after-show, Britain's Got More Talent.

A total of 200 acts advanced through the Audition stage; of these, 110 were televised either via the main show or Britain's Got More Talent.

Main Auditions[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Vitaly Voronko Accordion Player Accepted
Elite Squad Royalz Dance Troupe Accepted
Togni Brothers Acrobats Accepted
The Collaborative Orchestra and Singers Orchestra Accepted
Peter K Rollings Musician Rejected
Tony Baloney Ventriloquist Rejected
Madame Zucchini Vegetable Artist Rejected
Lucy & Trip Hazard Dog Act Accepted
Darren Altman Impressionist Accepted
Paisley Kerswell Dancer Accepted
George Kavanagh Comedian Accepted
Beau Dermott Singer Golden Buzzer - Amanda Holden
Shani Belly Dancers Belly Dancers Rejected
Rainbow Elvis Elvis Tribute Act Rejected
Alex Magala Danger Act Accepted

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Bill Brookman Entertainer Accepted
Roberto Carlos Juggler Accepted
Katy and Paul Acrobats Accepted
Jack Higgins Dancer Accepted
Fair Play Crew Dance Troupe Accepted
Another Kind of Blue Interactive Dance Troupe Accepted
Jake Rothman Musician Rejected
Jacob Hirst Singer Rejected
Bridie The Tea Lady Variety Act Rejected
Wayne Woodward Singer Accepted
Jon Hebden Magician Rejected
Jim Everett Magician Rejected
Mel Harvey Magician Rejected
Richard Jones Magician Accepted
100 Voices of Gospel Gospel Choir Golden Buzzer - Alesha Dixon

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Ruby Murry Singer Accepted
Colin Henry Pianist Accepted
Bespoke Candi Danger Act Accepted
Craig Ball Impressionist Accepted
Presentation School Choir Choir Accepted
Lisa & Chris Pitman Strong Couple Accepted
Dmitry and Kseniia Acrobats Accepted
Anne & Ian Marshall Performers Golden Buzzer - David Walliams
Steve Singh Singer Rejected
Geoffrey Payne Hula Hoop Artist Rejected
Balance Unity Dancer Accepted
Emma Winter Singer Rejected
Kathleen Jenkins Singer Accepted

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
The Blue Bag Lady Dancer Rejected
Carl and Tim Vocal Sound Effects Rejected
Joony Singer Rejected
Sam and Hector Hand Balancers Accepted
Vox Fortura Singers Accepted
Ystrad Fawr Dancers Dance Troupe Accepted
Spartan Resurrection Acrobats Accepted
Richard Bayton Singer Accepted
Vertical Daze Pole Dancers Rejected
Shannon & Peter Dancers Accepted
Ben Blaque Danger Act Accepted
John Romero Musician Rejected
James Hazell Singer Rejected
Jasmine Elcock Singer Golden Buzzer - Ant & Dec

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
The Deep Space Deviants Variety Act Accepted
Vadik & The Bear Dance Duo Accepted
Tumar KR Contortionists Accepted
Anne Klinge Puppeteer Accepted
Clyde Parry Singer Rejected
Garnett Family Singers Accepted
Scott and Muriel Magician / Comedian Accepted
The Mimic Men Impressionists Accepted
Mohamed Jalloh Dancer Rejected
Rachael Wooding Singer Accepted
Rick Schmull Pianist Rejected
Boogie Storm Dance Troupe Golden Buzzer - Simon Cowell

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Topaz Musicians Rejected
Council Joe Comedian Rejected
Veena Karthick Singer Rejected
Mythical PSM Dance Trio Accepted
Saulo Sarmiento Acrobat Accepted
Khronos Girls Dance Troupe Accepted
Josh Curnow Singer Accepted
Chloe Fenton Dancer Accepted
David Forest Musician Accepted
Dèjá Vu Dance Troupe Accepted
Flying Bebop Drone Formation Dancers Accepted
Ana & Fia Singing Duo Accepted

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Johnny Boonham Musician Accepted
Dunking Devils Basketball Players Accepted
Bollywest Fusion Dance Troupe Accepted
Zyrah Rose Girl Group Accepted
Total TXS Dance Crew Accepted
Charlie Placais Acrobat Accepted
Danny Beard Singer Accepted
Christian Lee Magician / Comedian Accepted
Mel & Jamie Singing Duo Accepted

Britain's Got More Talent[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
4G(e4) Acrobats Accepted
AYD(e2) Dance Duo Accepted
Alan Gear(e6) Comedian Accepted
Andrew Carthidy(e1) Football Freestyle Act Accepted
Bang(e6) Dancer Accepted
Bertie The Tortoise(e5) Animal Act Rejected
Brian(e4) Dancer Rejected
Chris and Ruby(e3) Animal Act Accepted
Corenza Ellarina(e5) Variety Act Rejected
Daniel Lee(e4) Dancer Rejected
David J Watson(e1) Variety Act Rejected
Eddie More(e1) Pole Acrobat/Variety Act Accepted
Flavian Glont(e6) Magician Accepted
Forbidden Angels (e3) Dance Group Rejected
Gatis Kandis(e4) Comedian Accepted
Godson(e5) Dancer Accepted
Head Love & Past Man (e2) Entertaining Duo Rejected
Ivor Dehaney(e2) Variety Act Rejected
Manny Gentleman(e6) Singer / Rapper Rejected
Metals Of Movement(e1) Dance Group Accepted
Michael Unesco(e3) Acrobat Accepted
Momento(e1) Violin Duo Accepted
Nigel Coleman(e5) Comedian Rejected
Orissa Kelly(e6) Contortionist / Danger Act Accepted
Patrick Ash (e3) Magician Rejected
Rory Jackson(e2) Dancer Accepted
Sisters In Song(e4) Vocal Duo Accepted
Sydney F. Smith(e3) Singer & Ukelelist Accepted
The Brass Monkeys(e5) Burlesque Group Rejected
The Vice Versa(e2) Comedic Duo Accepted

Untelevised Acts[edit | edit source]

Name Act Outcome
Airvolution Dance Group / Variety Act Accepted
Ben Riley Singer Accepted
Celine Tam Singer Disqualified
Chris Cox Mentalist Accepted
Fortuna Singing Group Accepted
Jack Martin Variety Act Accepted
Jake Banfield Magician Accepted
James Phelan Magician Accepted
Jimmy Tamley Ventriloquist Accepted
Leela's Palace Band Accepted
Leia Tam Violinist Accepted
Mandy Muden Magician Accepted
Magic Singh Magician Accepted
Mark Felgate Singer / Guitarist / Comedian Accepted
Mark Shortland Comedian / Magician Accepted
Sam & Joe Musical Duo Accepted
Sam Preston Comedian Accepted
Sean Murray Variety Act Accepted
Steve Williamson Singer Accepted
Steven Goldblatt Rapper Disqualified [1]
The Nope Team Burlesque Trio / Variety Act Accepted
  1. Despite originally being accepted, Goldblatt's acceptance was later revoked when he was uncovered as comedian Simon Brodkin.
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