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Series 11 was the eleventh series of Britain's Got Talent. It started on April 15 2017. Ant & Dec returned to host while Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams returned to the judging panel. Stephen Mulhern returned with Britain's Got More Talent. Ant & Dec filmed an intro for the series outside the National Portrait Gallery in London.

This is the only ever Series of the main show discounting The Champions (Series 1) to not include a Judges Vote in order to decide who should advance onto the Final from the second & third placed act of a Semi-Final. Additionally in this Series but one Wildcard act was selected as the Public Wildcard was scrapped, therefore leaving behind but the Judges Wildcard, which had been the case between Series 6 & Series 8.

This was the first and so far only ever series for every Golden Buzzer act to advance onto the Final as David Walliams' Golden Buzzer Kyle Tomlinson placed second in the Public Vote of the first Semi-Final, Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer Matt Edwards placed second in the Public Vote of the second Semi-Final, Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer MerseyGirls placed second in the Public Vote of the fourth Semi-Final, and Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer Daliso Chaponda won the Public Vote of the fifth and Final Semi-Final, however Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer Sarah Ikumu placed third in the Public Vote of the third Semi-Final and originally missed out on the Final, however she advanced onto the Final via the Judges Wildcard. Additionally this series featured the lowest ever gap recorded between a second and a third placed contestant in the Public Vote following a Semi-Final in the form of 0.2% as The Missing People Choir advanced onto the Final having received 12% of the votes, and Jamie Lee Harrison was eliminated following the Semi-Final having received 11.8% of votes. This record beat the previous recorded gap between a second and a third placed contestant in the Public Vote following a Semi-Final which was set the previous Series, as in Series 10 a gap of 0.9% of votes set by Tumar KR and Balance Unity, however the previous record differed as the act with fewer votes advanced as the Judges had all voted for them, therefore eliminating the act with more votes at the Semi-Finals end.

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Judging Panel

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Main Article: Series 11 Auditions

The auditions for Series 11 were filmed between January and February 2017 in Salford, Blackpool, Birmingham and London. Seven episodes of auditions were aired between the 15th April and the 26th May. 

Semi Finals

40 acts from the auditions were chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals, with the acts being revealed at the end of the second round on the 27th May. The live shows were filmed at the Elstree Studios, following the closure of the Fountain Studios at the end of 2016.

Before the first Semi-Final, it was revealed that this year, the Judges would not be choosing which act progressed out of the 2nd and 3rd placed acts - it was all down to the Audience.

Semi-Final 1

The acts were:

DNA and Kyle Tomlinson advanced through to the Final.

Semi-Final 2

The acts were:

Issy Simpson and Matt Edwards advanced through to the Final.

Semi-Final 3

The acts were:

Tokio Myers and Ned Woodman advanced through to the Final. However, Sarah Ikumu were later chosen as the Judges' Wildcard

Semi-Final 4

The acts were:

The Pensionalities and MerseyGirls advanced through to the Final.

Semi-Final 5

The acts were:

The Missing People Choir and Daliso Chaponda advanced through to the Final.

Semi-Final Stats

Top 5 Acts by voting percentage

  1. Daliso Chaponda (41.1%)
  2. Tokio Myers (36.7%)
  3. The Pensionalities (33.0%)
  4. DNA (32.0%)
  5. MerseyGirls (29.6%)

Worst 5 Acts by voting percentage

  1. Niels Harder (0.9%)
  2. Jay Wynn (1.3%)
  3. Christine Tew / DJ Dizzy Twilight (1.6%)
  4. TapTastik (1.9%)
  5. Empire Dance Crew (2.4%)


The acts were:

These are the results of the Final:

11. DNA

10. Ned Woodman

9. MerseyGirls

8. The Missing People Choir

7. Sarah Ikumu

6. Kyle Tomlinson

5. The Pensionalities

4. Matt Edwards

3. Daliso Chaponda

2. Issy Simpson

1. Tokio Myers