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The Judges during the Series 12 auditions.

The audition process for Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent began on Saturday 14th April 2018 and concluded on Saturday 16th May 2018.

Seven episodes of auditions were shown in total, plus a large number of auditions via the after-show, Britain's Got More Talent.

A total of 182 acts advanced through the Audition stage; of these, 70 were televised either via the main show or Britain's Got More Talent.

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Main Auditions

Episode 1 

Main Article: Episode 1201

Name Act Outcome
Sascha Williams Rola Bola Performer Accepted
DMU Gospel Choir Choir Accepted
Robert White Comedic Singer Accepted
Calum Courtney Singer Accepted
Mr. Uekusa Novelty Act Accepted
Laura & Rich Novelty Act Rejected
Julian Ellis Novelty Act Rejected
Marc Spelmann Magician Golden Buzzer - Ant & Dec
DVJ Dance Troupe Accepted
B Positive Choir Choir Accepted
Marty Putz Novelty Act Accepted
Matt Johnson Escape Artist Accepted

Episode 2 

Main Article: Episode 1202

Name Act Outcome
David and Javier Dance Duo Accepted
Andrew Lancaster Impressionist Accepted
Jenny Darren Singer Accepted
Jim Fitzpatrick Novelty Act Rejected
Kaptain Rock Novelty Act Rejected
Radu-Alexandru Patrunsu Dancer Rejected
Father Ray Kelly Singer Accepted
Cali Swing Dance Troupe Accepted
Lost Voice Guy Comedian Accepted
Andras Lovas Singer Rejected
The Giang Brothers Acrobatic Duo Accepted
Rise Unbroken Dance Troupe Accepted

Episode 3 

Main Article: Episode 1203

Name Act Outcome
Bat-Erdene Nyamdavaa Throat Singer Rejected
Martin Westgate Comedian Rejected
Amy Marie Borg Singer Accepted
Lexie & Christopher Dance Duo Accepted
Magus Utopia Magicians Accepted
Jadoo's Jingles Belly Dancers Rejected
Jon Davidson Dancer Rejected
The Ratpackers Singing Duo Accepted
Baba Yega Dance Troupe Accepted
Magic Mandy Comedian / Magician Accepted
Humanimals Novelty Act Rejected
Jack & Tim Singing Duo Golden Buzzer - Simon Cowell

Episode 4

Main Article: Episode 1204

Name Act Outcome
Brian Howe Singer Rejected
Malcolm Cuthbertson Tap Dancer Rejected
Ellie & Jeki Quick Change Duo Accepted
Noel James Comedian Accepted
Donchez Dacres Singer Golden Buzzer - David Walliams
Audrey Leybourne Singer Accepted
The D-Day Darlings Choir Accepted
Ben Pridmore Memory Act Rejected
Andrew Lee Magician Accepted
Ross McGrane Comedian Rejected
Aleksandar Mileusnić Singer Accepted

Episode 5 

Main Article: Episode 1205

Name Act Outcome
Barry Newton Rapper Accepted
Nino Nikolov Violinist Accepted
Maddox Dixon Magician Accepted
Cartoon Heroes Dance Troupe Accepted
Beauty and the Beast Singing Duo Rejected
Ella Yard Singer Accepted
Lifford Shillingford Singer Golden Buzzer - Alesha Dixon
Olena Uutai Musician Accepted
Miss Tres Drag Singing Group Accepted
Bambas Bazooki Player Accepted
Ronan Busfield Singer Accepted

Episode 6 

Main Article: Episode 1206

Name Act Outcome
Sarah Llewellyn Opera Singer Accepted
Ben Langley Comedian Accepted
Made Up North Boyband Accepted
Oscar Donnelly Dancer Accepted
Micky P Kerr Comedic Singer Accepted
Professor Strange Magician Rejected
Suzanne & Roxanne Singing Duo Accepted
Jobo Pool Player Rejected
Sora Magician Accepted
Tap Attack Dance Troupe Accepted
Gruffydd Wyn Singer Golden Buzzer - Amanda Holden

Episode 7 

Main Article: Episode 1207

Name Act Outcome
St Lawrence's Primary School Choir Choir Accepted
Spotlight Stage School Acrobatic Group Accepted
Futunity Dance Troupe Accepted
Dudley the Dancing Dog Dancer Accepted
Nick Page Comedian Accepted
Shaquille Rayes Singer Accepted
Shameer Rayes Dancer Accepted
DJ Murray Mint DJ Accepted

Britain's Got More Talent

Name Act Outcome
Ann Cooper Variety Act Accepted
Celena & Danny Singers / Dancers Accepted
Chris Leworthy Comedian Accepted
Clare Bell Singer Rejected
Crazy Wendy Singer Accepted
David J Watson Variety Act Rejected
Equate Dance Troupe Accepted
Fantasy Squad Dance Troupe Accepted
Ginger Boy Dancer Rejected
Graham Beck Singer Rejected
Hip-Hop Orchestra Variety Act Accepted
Janne Mustonen Danger Act Accepted
John Gough Comedian Rejected
Lynn Holland Singer Accepted
Michael Musician Rejected
Neil Rowley Dancer Rejected
Recorda Boi Musician Rejected
Robin Asher Comedian Rejected
Ruth Davies Dancer Accepted
Sam and Tilly Dog Act Accepted
Simeon Wood Novelty Musician Accepted
Simon Carvell Variety Act Rejected
The Kelly Shirley School of Dance Dance Troupe Accepted
Tony Brown Variety Act Rejected
Tony Hay Singer Accepted
Vladimir Kozevnikov Dancer Accepted
Wasim Shah Singer Rejected
Yours Truly Singers / Musicians Accepted

Untelevised Acts

Name Act Outcome
Allie Sherlock Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Brook Exley Magician Accepted
Carl Mullaney Singer Accepted
Cheryl Armstrong Comedian Rejected
Curvelesque Burlesque Trio Unknown
Demo Dance Trio Accepted
Harriet Littlehales Contortionist Accepted
James Piper Magician Accepted
Jonathan Clark Impressionist Accepted
Shawn Armenta Dancer Accepted [1]
Tariq Muman Comedian Accepted
The Headless Men Dance Duo Accepted
Two Guys, One World Cup Singers / Dancers Disqualified [2]

  1. Armenta was later cut by the producers either during or just before the deliberations.
  2. The duo revealed that they were both comedian Jack Whitehall & footballer Kyle Walker playing a prank on the judges after David explained why he buzzed the duo. None of the judges verdicts were ever shown, however it can be assumed that after the pair revealed their true identities that they were most probably disqualified from the competition.