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The Judges during the 2020 auditions.

The audition process for Series 14 of Britain's Got Talent began on Saturday 11th April 2020 and concluded on Saturday 30th May 2020.

Eight episodes of auditions were shown in total, plus a large number of auditions via the new online show, BGT Unseen.

A total of 200 acts advanced through the Audition stage; of these, 103 acts were televised either on the main show or on the new after-show, Britain's Got Talent: Unseen Bits. This included five acts who received the Golden Buzzer from the Judges - Sign Along With Us, Jon Courtenay, Fayth Ifil, Honey & Sammy and Nabil Abdulrashid.

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Main Auditions

Episode 1

Main Article: Episode 1401

Name Act Outcome
St. Anne's Gospel Choir Gospel Choir Accepted
Nu Crew Dance Troupe Accepted
James and Dylan Piper Magician Accepted
Diana Vedyashinka Dog Trainer Accepted
Yakub Dancer Accepted
Papi Flex Contortionist Accepted
Steve Royle Comedian Accepted
Sign Along With Us Sign Language Choir Golden Buzzer - David Walliams
Mr Cuddles Ventriloquist Rejected
X1X Crew Dance Troupe Accepted

Episode 2

Main Article: Episode 1402

Name Act Outcome
Jack Price Cyclist Accepted
James Stott Magician Accepted
Shalom Chorale Gospel Choir Accepted
Jon Courtenay Comedic Singer Golden Buzzer - Ant & Dec
Mini-Beez Dance Troupe Accepted
Aidan McCann Magician Accepted
Claire Harrison-McCartney Impressionist Rejected
Beth Porch Singer Accepted
Wesley Williams Unicyclist Accepted

Episode 3

Main Article: Episode 1403

Name Act Outcome
Class Dynamix Choir Accepted
Jonny Berliner Musician Rejected
Kevin Quantum Magician Accepted
Billy and Chantelle Dance Duo Accepted
Fayth Ifil Singer Golden Buzzer - Simon Cowell
The Coven Dance Troupe Accepted
Allan Finnegan Comedian Accepted
Elite Elton Elton John Impersonator Rejected
Bhim Niroula Singer Accepted

Episode 4

Main Article: Episode 1404

Name Act Outcome
Urban Turtles Dance Troupe Accepted
Chineke! Junior Orchestra Orchestra Accepted
Honey & Sammy Singing Duo Golden Buzzer - Amanda Holden
Birds of Paradise Puppeteer Accepted
Audrey and Antony Dance Duo Rejected
Katherine & Joe O'Malley Singing Duo Accepted
Ezekiel and Karl Dance Duo Accepted
Magical Bones Magician Accepted
Nora Barton Singer Accepted
SOS From the Kids Choir Accepted

Episode 5

Main Article: Episode 1405

Name Act Outcome
The D-Day Juniors Choir Accepted
Aaron and Jasmine Dance Duo Accepted
Lili Davies Singer Accepted
Dario the Dinosaur Novelty Act Accepted
Ryan Tracey Balloon Artist Accepted
Nabil Abdulrashid Comedian Golden Buzzer - Alesha Dixon
Derek Neate Musician Rejected
Soldiers of Swing Singing Duo Accepted
Amanda & Miracle Magician Accepted

Episode 6

Main Article: Episode 1406

Name Act Outcome
Claire-Marie & Jason Knife Throwing Duo Accepted
The Lozkha Brothers Spoon Players Accepted
Emmanuel Vass Pianist Accepted
Dawn Xiana Moon Belly Dancer Accepted
Krysztof Werkowicz Musician Rejected
Jack Beavis Magician Rejected
Patch Puppet Rejected
Håkan Berg Magician Accepted
Immortals Dance Troupe Accepted
Myra Dubois Comedian Accepted
Crissy Lee Drummer Accepted
Alexey Gusev Singer Accepted
VA Kidz Dance Troupe Accepted
Sirine Jahangir Musician Accepted

Episode 7

Main Article: Episode 1407

Name Act Outcome
Hasan Minawi Musician Accepted
Noise Next Door Comedy Group Accepted
Jasper Cherry Magician Accepted
Souparnika Nair Singer Accepted
House of Swag Kids Dance Troupe Accepted
Sandra May Flowers Singer Rejected
Lioz Shem Tov Comedian Accepted
Mike Newall Comedian Accepted
Dave & Dean Singing Duo Accepted
Christian Wedoy Escape Artist Accepted

Episode 8

Main Article: Episode 1408

Name Act Outcome
Tom & Noelle Novelty Act Accepted
Dev Singer Accepted
Roland Saunders Impressionist Rejected
The Skin and Blister Sisters Singing Duo Rejected
Damien O'Brien Magician Accepted
Johannes Stoetter Visual Artist Accepted
Imen Siar Singer Accepted
Mr and Mrs Brilliant Musicians Accepted
Kai Hou Acrobat Accepted
Belinda Davids Singer Accepted

BGT Unseen

Name Act Outcome
Aaron and Buddy Dog Act Accepted
Aaron Frith Singer Accepted
Alan Hudson Magician Accepted
Art-Afishal Artists Accepted
BearForce1 Singing Group Accepted
Ben Noir Singer Accepted
Bill Cheung Magician Accepted
Cammy Young Magician Accepted
Carrington Brown Musical Duo Rejected
Cubby Comedian Accepted
David J Watson Novelty Act Accepted
Ebrington Choir Choir Accepted
Ellie Carney Singer Accepted
Ember Trio Musicians Accepted
Finn & Kirsten Acrobatic Duo Accepted
Jez Bond & Bondini Danger Act Accepted
Joseph Sheppard Singer Accepted
Josh Baulf Comedian Accepted
Kat Hudson Magician Accepted
Liam Bannigan Comedian Accepted
Li Lau & Brendon Peel Magicians Accepted
Marco Tempest Magician Accepted
Mark Shortland Magician Accepted
Miguel Lawrence Musician Accepted
Miss Ionah Danger Act Accepted
Nick Dixon Comedian Accepted
Prodijig Dance Troupe Accepted
RAF Air Cadets National Choir Choir Accepted
René Mazing Magician Accepted
Roger Fabulous Magician Rejected
Ry The Guy Wrestler Accepted
Sean Heydon Magician Accepted
Sharky Sharky Band Accepted
Suzie Kennedy Comedian Accepted
The Firefighters Singers Accepted
The Headless Men Dance Duo Accepted
The RollerBoys Singing Group Accepted
The Sons Of Pitches Band Accepted
Tim Newman Singer Accepted
Xtra Terrestrial Dance Troupe Accepted

Untelevised Acts

Name Act Outcome
Andy Storey Comedian Accepted
Benny Tantu Dancer Accepted
Blaze Dance Group Accepted
David Shannon Danger Act Accepted
Emma Lawton Comedian / Ventriloquist Accepted
Esosa Maxwho Singer Accepted
Georgina Mason Unknown Accepted
Graham Jolley Magician Accepted
Jasmine & Madison Dance Duo Accepted
Julie McKenna Unknown Accepted
Katrina Estefan Singer Accepted
Kayleigh Atherton Singer Accepted
Lady V Drag Act Accepted
Mark Turkish Comedic Singer Accepted
Martin Daniels Magician Accepted
Megan Coxall Singer Accepted
Oli Hounsell Artist Accepted
Peter & Victoria Dance Duo Accepted
Rogue Magician Rejected
Rudy McFall Singer Accepted
Simon Gilbert Singer Accepted
Sing A Long A John Singer Accepted
Tim Patch Artist Rejected
The Choir Studios Choir Accepted