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Series 2 of Britain's Got Talent was held in 2008, and was won by breakdancer George Sampson. The judges were Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

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Judging Panel

Piers Morgan Amanda Holden Simon Cowell
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The auditions for Series 2 were filmed between January and February 2008 in Glasgow, Blackpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. Seven episodes of auditions were aired between the 12th April and the 24th May. 

Semi Finals

40 acts from the auditions were chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals, the acts being revealed at the end of the second round on the 24th May.

Originally animal magic duo Animalgique advanced onto the Semi-Finals, however due to a rule which involved certain animals being disallowed on a live stage the duo were forced to withdraw from the show, and therefore stuntman Phil Blackmore who was originally eliminated during the deliberations was reinstated in order to serve as the duos last minute replacement. In addition to the above impressionist Drew Cameron initially advanced onto the Semi-Finals yet had to withdraw because he broke his leg and his performance required a lot of movement around a stage which he would struggle to do with a broken leg.

Semi Final 1

The acts were:

Kate and Gin and Signature made it through to the finals.

Semi Final 2

The acts were:

Cheeky Monkeys and Andrew Johnston made it through to the finals.

Semi Final 3

The acts were:

Strike and George Sampson made it through to the final.

Semi Final 4

The acts were:

Andrew Muir and Faryl Smith made it through to the finals.

Semi Final 5

The acts were:

Nemesis and Escala made it through to the Finals.

The Final

These are the results of the Final: