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Series 4 of Britain's Got Talent was held in 2010, and was won by acrobatics group Spelbound. The judges were Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

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Judging Panel

Piers Morgan Amanda Holden Simon Cowell
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Main Article: Series 4 Auditions

The auditions for Series 4 were filmed between January and February 2010 in Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. Seven episodes of auditions were aired between the 17th April and the 29th May. 

Semi Finals

40 acts from the auditions were chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals, the acts being revealed at the end of the second round on the 29th May.

Initially Flute Magic & Othelio advanced onto the Semi-Finals however, the former withdrew from the competition citing "Personal Reasons", & the latter were disqualified due to a member of the duo failing to disclose their past to Got Talent producers & families of victims who were affected by their past complaining about said members presence on the show.

Semi Final 1

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Result
ThreeBee Bollywood Dance Group Eliminated
Olivia Archbold Singer Eliminated (JC)
Kevin Cruise Variety Act No.png Eliminated
Stevie Starr Regurgitator Eliminated
Tobias Mead Dancer Check.png Ovation.pngCheck.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
Sean Sheehan Woodcutter / Singer No.png No.png Eliminated
Josh Barry Singer Eliminated
Spelbound Acrobatic Group Moved On

Semi Final 2

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Result
Taboo Street Dance Group Eliminated
Neil Fullard Jazz Singer Check.png Eliminated (JC)
Ruby Girls Burlesque Dance Group Eliminated
Connected BoyBand Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
Kev Orkian Entertainer No.png No.png Eliminated
Michael Fayombo Jnr & Snr Dance Performers / Impressionists Eliminated
Tina and Chandi Dog Trainer Moved On
Maxxie Oliver Lady Gaga Impersonator No.png Eliminated

Connected and Tina and the Chandi made it through to the final.

Semi Final 3

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Result
Starburst Dance group Eliminated
Chloe Hickinbottom Singer Eliminated
Phillip Grimmer impersonator Eliminated
Paul Burling Impressionist Moved On
The Arrangement Classical Music Group / Comedic Band Eliminated
Jimmy Forde Dancer / Variety Act Eliminated
Christopher Stone Singer Ovation.pngCheck.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
Peridot Dance Group Check.png Eliminated (JC)

Semi Final 4

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Result
Ice Street Dance Group Eliminated
Tyler Patterson Street Dancer Eliminated
Emile Harris Singer No.png No.png Eliminated
Twist and Pulse Dance Duo Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
Team Shaolin Martial Arts Group Eliminated
Mark James Singer / Drag Act No.png Eliminated
The Fusion Dance Troupe Check.png Eliminated (JC)
Janey Cutler Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Moved On

Twist and Pulse and Janey Cutler made it through to the final.

Semi Final 5

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Result
The Chippendoubles Impersonating Dance Group No.png No.png Eliminated
Liam McNally Soprano Ovation.pngCheck.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
Alesia Vazmitsel Pole Artist Eliminated
Myztikal Dance Group Eliminated
Dance Flavourz Dance Trio Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Eliminated
Father & Son Singing Duo No.png Eliminated
A3 Dance Group Check.png Eliminated (JC)
Kieran Gaffney Drummer Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Moved On

Liam McNally and Kieran Gaffney made it through to the final.

Semi Final Stats

Top 5 acts by voting percentage

  1. Spelbound (62.4%)
  2. Tina and the Chandi (58.1%)
  3. Kieran Gaffney (49.2%)
  4. Janey Cutler (42.9%)
  5. Paul Burling (36.4%)

Worst 5 acts by voting percentage

  1. Phillip Grimmer (0.4%)
  2. Emile Harris (0.6%)
  3. Sean Sheehan (0.7%)
  4. Team Shaolin (0.8%)
  5. Mark James (0.9%)

The Final

Name Act Piers Amanda Simon Results
Twist and Pulse Dance Duo 2nd Place
Liam McNally Singer (10th)
Paul Burling Impressionist Ovation.png (5th)
Christopher Stone Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png (7th)
Tina and Chandi Dog Trainer (4th)
Connected Boyband Ovation.png Ovation.png (8th)
Kieran Gaffney Drummer (3rd)
Tobias Mead Dancer Ovation.png (6th)
Janey Cutler Singer Ovation.png (9th)
Spelbound Acrobatic Group Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Winner