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Series 5 of Britain's Got Talent was held in 2011, and was won by singer Jai McDowall.

This was the first series after Piers Morgan had left the show; Simon Cowell was also not present for the auditions. New Judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff joined Amanda Holden for the auditions, with Cowell joining the three for the live shows. Neither Hasselhoff nor McIntyre returned for the sixth series.

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The auditions for Series 5 were filmed between January and February 2011 in Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. Seven episodes of auditions were aired between the 16th April and the 29th May. 

Second Round

After choosing 36 of the 40 acts to advance to the Semi-Finals, the Judges were unsure of who to give the remaining four spots to; as a result, eight acts were chosen to perform again, and the best of the two performers would advance. The results of this performance were as follows; New Bounce were chosen over B Minor, Abyss over High Definition, Jay Worley over Kevin, and Razy Gogonea over Michael Moral (however Moral was later reinstated).

This was the first and last time the semi-finalists were decided in this manner.

Semi Finals

40 acts from the auditions were chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals, the acts being revealed at the end of the second round on the 29th May. The number of acts in the semi-finals this season would later be increased to 41, after Michael Moral was added to the start list of the fifth semi-final.

Symbol Meaning
No.png Buzzer
Check.png Judge's vote
Ovation1.png Standing Ovation

Semi Final 1

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1. Girls Roc Fire Dancers Eliminated
2. Donelda Guy Dog Act Eliminated
3. Stuart Arnold Terminator Impersonator & Rapper No.png No.png Eliminated
4. Paul Gbegbaje Pianist Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
5. Bruce Sistaz Martial Arts Duo Eliminated
6. Ted Hall and Grace Bower Singing Duo Eliminated
7. Joe Oakley Trial Biker Check.png Check.png Eliminated (JC)
8. Ronan Parke Singer Ovation1.png Moved On

Semi Final 2

In semi-final 2,Lorna Bliss, who was originally sent home in the first round of auditions, was brought back to perform in the semi-finals.

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1. Two and a Half Men Dancer Trio Eliminated
2. Enchantment Acrobat Troupe No.png No.png Eliminated
3. Herbie Armstrong Singer Eliminated
4. Lorna Bliss Britney Spears Impersonator No.png No.png No.png Eliminated
5. New Bounce Boyband Ovation1.png Moved On
6. Jean Martyn Singer Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
7. David and Karen Illusionist Duo Eliminated (JC)
8. Up & Over It Table-based Hand Dance Duo No.png Eliminated

Semi Final 3

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1. The Circus of Horrors Extreme Stunt Performers Eliminated
2. Jay Worley Singer Eliminated
3. Angela and Teddy Dog Act Eliminated
4. Abyss Dance Troupe Eliminated
5. Wachiraporn Tirpak Entertainer No.png No.png No.png Eliminated
6. Les Gibson Impressionist Moved On
7. James Hobley Dancer Ovation1.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
8. Gay and Alan Bell Ringers Check.png No.png Eliminated (JC)

Semi Final 4

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1 . Dance Angels Elite Dance Troupe Eliminated
2. Jessica Hobson Singer Eliminated
3. Mexican Mayhem Dog Act No.png Eliminated
4. Out of the Blue Singing Group Eliminated
5. Nathan Wyburn Artist Eliminated
6. Jai McDowall Singer Moved On
7. Steven Hall Dancer Check.png Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
8. Edward Reid Singer Check.png Ovation1.png Eliminated (JC)

Semi Final 5

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1. Marawa Hula Hoop Artist Eliminated
2. Pip and Puppy Singer and Dog Act Ovation1.png Eliminated (JC)
3. Celtic Colleens Dark Dancers Eliminated
4. Mr and Mrs Singer and Pianists No.png Eliminated
5. Follow The Right Path Rappers Eliminated
6. Antonio Popeye Eye Popper No.png No.png No.png No.png Eliminated
7. Michael Moral Dancer Eliminated
8. Michael Collings Guitarist Ovation1.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Moved On (JC)
9. Razy Gogonea Dancer Ovation1.png Moved On

The Final

Name Act David Michael Amanda Simon Result
1. Steven Hall Dancer Finalist (7th)
2. Michael Collings Singer / Guitarist Finalist (5th)
3. Les Gibson Impressionist Finalist (9th)
4. James Hobley Dancer Finalist (8th)
5. Paul Gbegbaje Pianist Finalist (6th)
6. Ronan Parke Singer Finalist (2nd)
7. Jean Martyn Organist Finalist (10th)
8. Jai McDowall Singer Finalist (1st)
9. Razy Gogonea Dancer Finalist (4th)
10. New Bounce Boyband Finalist (3rd)