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Main Auditions

Episode 1

Main Article: Episode 501

Name Act Outcome
Mary Sumah-Keh Musician / Dancer Rejected
John Courtney Variety Act Rejected
Christine Fraser Comedian Rejected
Peter Wakefield Singer / Dancer Rejected
David Knight Comedian Accepted
Bruce Sistaz Martial Arts Duo Accepted
Joker Dance Group Rejected
Marawa Hula-Hoop Act Accepted
Freeman Dance Dance Group Accepted
Child Of Zion Dance Group Accepted
Steve Stevens Comedic Singer Rejected
John Hampson Singer Rejected
Blair Christie Novelty Act Rejected
Donelda Guy Dog Trainer Accepted
Steven Hall Dancer Accepted
Antonio Popeye Eye Popper Accepted
UFO Vocal Duo Rejected
Tongue & Cheek Aerobic Duo Rejected
Michael Collings Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Gay and Alan Handbell Players Accepted

Episode 2

Main Article: Episode 502

Name Act Outcome
Mickey Gooch Danger Act Rejected
Ted & Grace Vocal Duo Accepted
Bums Dance Group / Percussion Group Rejected
Nu Era Rapping Trio Accepted
Goldstar Galaxy Cheerleading Group Accepted
MKB Dance Group Accepted
Les Gibson Impressionist Accepted
Linda & Fen Dog Act Rejected
James Kingg Musician Rejected
Pip and Puppy Opera Singing Dog Act Accepted
Elaine Williams Comedian Rejected
Razy Gogonea Breakdancer Accepted
Edward Reid Singer Accepted

Episode 3

Main Article: Episode 503

Name Act Outcome
Olivia Binfield Poet / Animal Act Accepted
TKD Remix Martial Arts Group Accepted
Anthony Wait Stripper / Painter Rejected
Tim Carr Finger Snapper Rejected
Herbie Armstrong Singer / Guitarist Accepted
The Underground Dance Company Dance Group Unknown
Darth Dongle & The Princess Dance Duo Rejected
Tracey Moran Dancer Accepted
Out of the Blue Acappella Group Accepted
Ronan Parke Singer Accepted

Episode 4

Main Article: Episode 504

Name Act Outcome
Girls Roc Fire Dance Group Accepted
Alexandra Parker Burlesque Violinist Accepted
Valerie Murzak Contortionist Accepted
Angela and Teddy Dog Act Accepted
Tim Eagle Variety Stripper Rejected
Rachel Griffiths Trumpet Player Rejected
Samuel Evans Entertainer Rejected
James Hobley Dancer Accepted
Robert Fulford Singer Accepted
Nathan Wyburn Artist Accepted
Lady Beau Peep Drag Singer Unknown
Fall Out Dance Group Unknown
New Bounce Boyband Accepted
Michael Moral Dancer Accepted

Episode 5

Main Article: Episode 505

Name Act Outcome
John Evans Head Balancer Accepted
Jai McDowall Singer Accepted
Chris Harvey Singer Accepted
Stuart Arnold Terminator Impersonator / Rapper Accepted
Jay Worley Singer Accepted
The Circus of Horrors Extreme Stunt Performers Accepted
Wachiraporn Tirpak Singer Accepted
Lorna Bliss Britney Spears Impersonator Rejected[1]
Hot Pot Theatre Variety Act Accepted
Enchantment Circus Group Accepted
Two and a Half Men Dance Trio Accepted
Nantes Dancer Accepted
The Highwaymen Brass Band Accepted

Episode 6

Main Article: Episode 506

Name Act Outcome
David and Karen Magic Duo Accepted
Jonathan & Bodhi Skateboarding Dog Act Rejected
Hoover & Jane Tambourine Playing Dog Rejected
Dion & Buttons Dog Act Rejected
Jon Christos & Jenny Williams Singing Duo Unknown
Mexican Mayhem Dog Act Accepted
Paul Gbegbaje Pianist Accepted
Abyss Dance Group Accepted
High Definition Dance Group Accepted
The Celtic Colleens Blacklight Irish Dance Group Accepted
Up & Over It Variety Act Accepted
Dance Angels Elite Dance Group Accepted
Robbie Firmin Singer Accepted
Follow The Right Path Rapping Duo Accepted

Episode 7

Main Article: Episode 507

Name Act Outcome
Jean Martyn Organ Player Accepted
Joe Oakley Trail Biker Accepted
Hendrick Huelsman Singer Rejected
Tony Durant Animal Impressionist Rejected
Charnjit Singh Singer Rejected
Jessica Hobson Singer / Pianist Accepted
Mr. And Mrs. Vocal Duo Accepted
Georgia Odette Singer Accepted
Reece Daly Ventriloquist Accepted

Britain's Got More Talent

Name Act Outcome
Alex Fletcher Variety Act Rejected
Ammar Mlouk Rapper Rejected
Ashley Hong Dancer Rejected
Bionic Funk Dance Duo Accepted
Bobby Buttons Singer / Dancer Accepted
Cal Halbert Impressionist Accepted
Darth Dongle & The Princess Dance Duo Rejected
David Fowler Magician Rejected
David J Watson Magician Rejected
Donald Standen Singer Rejected
Gabriella Burnell Singer / Musician Accepted
Gatis Kandis Rapper Rejected
IceBreaker Dancer Rejected
Ina & Jean Singing Duo Accepted
James Carp & Derek McCammley Comedic Duo Rejected
Jenny Rothwell Dancer Rejected
JJ Singer Rejected
John Wigg Singer / Dancer Accepted
Lorraine The Dancing Queen Dancer Rejected
Margaret Austin Poet Accepted
Martin Wilkins Baton Twirler Accepted
Mikey Fisher Freestyler Accepted
Mr Olympian Variety Act Rejected
Mr Remarkable Man Variety Act Rejected
Oslow Singer Rejected
Sailor Pig Variety Act Rejected
Samuel Carraway Dancer Rejected
Shahid Suwati Variety Act Rejected
Shaun Johnson Dancer Rejected
Talulah Blue Burlesque Performer Accepted

Untelevised Acts

Name Act Outcome
Alex Griffiths Dancer Unknown
Arisxandra Singer Accepted
B Minor Girl Band Accepted
Curtis Elton Pianist Accepted
Miss Sarah Lee Singer / Drag Act Rejected
Kevin Singer Accepted
Peter Spider Singer Accepted
Taylor Fowlis Soul Singer Accepted
  1. Bliss was originally eliminated, however she was brought back during the Semi-Finals.