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Main Auditions

Episode 1

Main Article: Episode 601

Name Act Outcome
Anthony Barnett-Jose Entertainer Rejected
Skate Of Mind Roller Skating Duo Rejected
Paul Recchia Harmonica Player Rejected
Sam Kelly Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Mylene Bensley Dancer Rejected
Two Of A Kind Dance Duo Rejected
The Sugar Dandies Dance Duo Accepted
Only Boys Aloud Choir Accepted
Barbara and Bradley Poet & Dancer Duo Rejected
Dennis Egel Singer Accepted
Buba Sanneh Contortionist Rejected
Sound Of Soul Relaxing Music Duo Rejected
Olajide Dopemu Nose Whistler Rejected
Jonathan and Charlotte Vocal Duo Accepted

Episode 2

Main Article: Episode 602

Name Act Outcome
Lily & The Pineapple Hunks Singer & Dance Group Rejected
Terrific Two Recorder Player & Singing Dog Rejected
Kathy Mason Impressionist Rejected
Valentina Ivanovna Limon Poet Rejected
Ashley Elliot Xylaphonist Accepted
Beatrix von Bourbon Burlesque Dancer Accepted
The Mend Band Accepted
Deja Vu Singing Group Rejected
Twist and Pulse Dance Company Dance Company Accepted
Ryan O'Shaughnessy Singer / Guitarist Accepted

Episode 3

Main Article: Episode 603

Name Act Outcome
The Zimmers Rapping Group Accepted
Four Corners Dance Group Accepted
Twisted Disco Dance Group Rejected
Billy George Hula Hoop Performer Accepted
Alex Davies Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Analiza Ching Violinist Accepted
Richard Bolongi Singer Rejected
Chelsea Redfern Singer Accepted
Mena Swift Singer Accepted
Tony Roberts Singer Accepted
Ben Singer Rejected
Powerplay Singing Dance Group Rejected
Zipparah Tafari Rapper Accepted
Ashleigh and Pudsey Dog Act Accepted

Episode 4

Main Article: Episode 604

Name Act Outcome
The Showbears Entertainers Accepted
Face Team Basketball Stunt Team Accepted
Hope Murphy Singer Accepted
Neil Lawson Entertainer Rejected
Stuart Crout Musician Rejected
The Pipe Bandits Bagpipe Group Rejected
Ina & Jean Vocal Duo Rejected
Paige Turley Singer Accepted
United We Stand Dance Group Accepted
Parallel Dance Duo Accepted
Over The Edge Skating Duo Accepted
Strictly Wheels Dance Duo Accepted

Episode 5

Main Article: Episode 605

Name Act Outcome
Lauren Thalia Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Peter Singer / Guitarist Rejected
Edmor Singer Rejected
Loveable Rogues Band Accepted
Marea Smithson Impressionist Accepted
Cascade Martial Arts Group Accepted
Michael Ng Pianist Accepted
Kai and Natalia Dance Duo Accepted
Mark Guitarist Rejected
Karizma Krew Dance Group Accepted
Addict Dance Group Accepted
Katie Singer Accepted
Mo Better World Band Band Accepted
Chica Latina Singer Accepted

Episode 6

Main Article: Episode 606

Name Act Outcome
Graham Blackledge Organist / Singer Accepted
The Jive Aces Band Accepted
Truly Medley Deeply Musical Trio Accepted
Elev8 Dance Group Accepted
Nu Sxool Dance Group Accepted
The Fabulous Russella Drag Singer Rejected
Gerhald Donie Plunger Thrower Rejected
Benito's Wrapsters Wrap Makers Rejected
Joana Cox & Gerald Salim Vocal Duo Rejected
Luke Greaves Dancer Rejected
Geisha Davis Performer Accepted
B Minor Girl Group Accepted
Callum Oakley Comedian Accepted
Molly Rainford Singer Accepted
Michael Hempseed Magician Rejected
Malaki Paul Singer Accepted

Episode 7

Main Article: Episode 607

Name Act Outcome
Aquabatique Synchronised Swimming Group Accepted
Honey Shazad Singer Accepted
Martyn Crofts Dalek Impressionist Accepted
Lucky Contortionist Accepted
Area 51 Alternative Dance Act Accepted
Fish on Percussion Percussionist Accepted
Greig Stewart Laser Harpist Accepted
Brynolf and Ljung Magic Duo Accepted
Hairy Baldini Magician Rejected
Alex Magician Rejected
Rachel Knowland Singer Accepted
Like Mother, Like Daughter Singer & Rapper Rejected
Noah Buzzer Musician Rejected
Gatis Kandis Comedian Accepted

Britain's Got More Talent

Name Act Outcome
Archer & Valstede Rap Duo Accepted
Big Dave Strongman Accepted
Cesar Laser Singer Accepted
Christopher Vasiliou Comedic Singer Accepted
Colin Mcleod Magician Accepted
Dimitar Hodzhev-Krika Strongman Rejected
Dinner Ladies Drag Group Accepted
Edward Foster Singer Rejected
Elliot Craduck Mouth Musician Rejected
Fox Bronte Variety Act Rejected
Genny Tines Entertainer Accepted
James Ingham and Ed Gleave Comedic Duo Accepted
Jonathan Stidwell Type Writer Charade Act Accepted
Lynn Ruth Miller Comedian Accepted
Mark Preach Singer Rejected
Matt Rhode Food Catcher Rejected
MC Stallion Rapper Accepted
Nicky Flash Entertainer Rejected
Paul Curran Variety Act Rejected
Professor Boffin Science Act Rejected
Rob King Singer Accepted
Sascha Borg Dancer / Rapper / Variety Act Rejected
Simon Butterworth Singer / Impressionist Accepted
The Charms Girls Aloud Tribute Band Rejected
Tina McBrien Singer Accepted

Untelevised Acts

Name Act Outcome
Asya Singer Unknown
Barockestra Singing Group / Dance Group Unknown
Ben Opera Singer Unknown
Cleverpawz Pugs Dog Act Unknown
Fanti Acrobatics Contortion / Acrobatic Group Accepted
Jesus Singer Unknown
Juxtapose Dance Duo Unknown
Kaylin Gymnast Unknown
Marc Singer / Guitarist Unknown
Masters Of Motion Dance Group Unknown
Mister Meredith Entertainer Unknown
New Romanys Band Unknown
Pixie Le Knot Contortionist Unknown
RaVen Quartet Musical Quartet Rejected
Remix Monkeys Dance Group Unknown
Superpowerless Band Rejected
Thursford Dollies Burlesque Group Unknown
Zena Donnelly Singer Unknown