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Main Auditions

Episode 1

Main Article: Episode 701

Name Act Outcome
2's Country Country Singing Duo Rejected
Gospel Singers Incognito Gospel Choir Accepted
Ty Variety Act Rejected
Colin Smith Comedian Rejected
Jonathan Hines Comedian Rejected
Paul Stark Comedian Rejected
Jack Carroll Comedian Accepted
Sia Lord Dancer Accepted
Viva Elvis Dance Group Accepted
Martin Healy Novelty Dancer Accepted
Arisxandra Singer Accepted
Keri Graham Burlesque Dancer Accepted
Vicki Vivacious Drag Act / Dancer Rejected
James Heaney Comedic Singer Rejected
Marina Calabrese Quick Change Act / Singer Rejected
Edgars Cuzinskis Accordion Player Rejected
Alexei Singer Rejected
Attraction Shadow Performance Group Accepted
Hayley May Singer Rejected
Grant Reeves Singer Rejected
Alice Fredenham Singer Accepted

Episode 2

Main Article: Episode 702

Name Act Outcome
Sham Variety Act Rejected
Cara Wilson Dancer Rejected
Graham Kynaston-Smith Comedian Rejected
AJ & Chloe Dance Duo Accepted
Richard and Adam Operatic Singing Duo Accepted
Two Ways Rapping Duo Rejected
James Devine Tap Dancer Rejected
Pop'arazzi Crew Dance Group Rejected
Neil Hook Singer Accepted
CEO Dancers Dance Trio Accepted
Tariq Wooding Singer / Pianist Accepted
Jordan Nash Dancer Accepted
Jordan O'Keefe Singer / Guitarist Accepted
Martin Steele Prop Comedian Rejected
On The Edge Boyband Rejected
Francine Lewis Impressionist Accepted
MC Boy Rapper Accepted

Episode 3

Main Article: Episode 703

Name Act Outcome
Steven Jackson Impressionist Rejected
Linda Hewitt Roller Skater Rejected
Hasta La Pasta Acrobatic Trio Rejected
Asanda Singer Accepted
Diamond and The Ruff Vocal Duo Rejected
Bill McKechnie Dancer Rejected
Luminites Band Accepted
Mother & Son Vocal Duo Accepted
Heather Avul Sign Language Singer Rejected
Ray Gordon Omnichord Player / Singer Rejected
Jack Chin Balancer Rejected
Rob's Duelling Pianos Pianist Duo Accepted
Aaron Crow Magician Accepted
Luke Cottingham Singer / Guitarist Rejected
Robbie Kennedy Singer / Guitarist Accepted

Episode 4

Main Article: Episode 704

Name Act Outcome
Bossom Buddies Drag Operatic Duo Accepted
El Lurchio Sword Swallower Accepted
Clubtown Freaks Vocal Group Accepted
DJ Sexy Scott DJ Accepted
James Clifton Dancer Rejected
Valentina Limon Dancer Rejected
Michaela & Shannon Dance Duo Rejected
Martin and Marielle Dance Duo Accepted
Shockarellas Dance Group Accepted
J-Unity Vocal Duo Accepted
MckNasty Drummer / DJ Accepted
Thomas Bounce Bouncing Juggler Accepted
Jaden Cornelious Singer Rejected
Gina McNulty Singer Unknown
Gwendolen Ellis Singer Unknown
Alex Keirl Singer Accepted

Episode 5

Main Article: Episode 705

Name Act Outcome
Jack and Cormac Vocal Duo Accepted
Justin Mhaka Singer / Bongo Player Rejected
Eddie Shand Entertainer Rejected
Philip Green Impressionist Accepted
MD Dance Group Accepted
The Mazeppa Cossacks Dance Group Accepted
Vitor & Victoria Dance Duo Accepted
Horlando Salinas Musician Accepted
Kelly Fox Singer Accepted
Pre Skool Dance Group Accepted
The Glambassadors Dance Group Accepted
Youth Creation Dance Group Accepted
Rosie O'Sullivan Singer Accepted

Episode 6

Main Article: Episode 706

Name Act Outcome
La Quebrada High Divers High Diving Group Accepted
Stevie Pink Illusionist Accepted
Patty The Donkey Painting Donkey Act Rejected
Kimberly Unger Raccoon Act Rejected
The League Of Extraordinary Groomers Dog Grooming Trio Rejected
Jo & Rappaw Dog Act Rejected
Joseph Hall Dancer Accepted
Steve Hewlett Ventriloquist Accepted
Band of Voices Vocal Group Accepted
Luciel Johns Singer Accepted
The E3 Brothers Singing Trio Unknown
Manni Rapper Unknown
Future Kicks Band Unknown
Maya Pieri Singer Unknown
Maarty Broekman Singer / Keytar Player Accepted
Poppin' Ron Body Popping Dancer Accepted
Aliki Singer Accepted

Episode 7

Main Article: Episode 707

Name Act Outcome
James More Magician Accepted
Freelusion Dance Group Accepted
Chasing The Dream Musical Theatre Group Accepted
Modupe Singer Accepted
Meat Diva Cabaret Impression Duo Accepted
Gabz Singer / Pianist Accepted

Britain's Got More Talent

Name Act Outcome
Blonde Louis Boyband Accepted
David J Watson Variety Act Rejected
Gadget Man Alternative Drummer Rejected
Mike Leonard Singer Rejected
Paul Curran Variety Act Rejected
Princess Rebel Reggae Singer Rejected
Ryan Tricks Magician Accepted
Scarlet Cuffs Dancer Accepted
Staś Bogdański Singer Rejected
Tiffany Finney Dancer Accepted

Untelevised Acts

Name Act Outcome
Liam and Shivani Dawett Street Dance Duo Accepted