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The 2014 Judging Panel

Series 8 of Britain's Got Talent was held in 2014, and was won by opera group Collabro. The 2012 & 2013 judging panel - consisting of Simon Cowell , Amanda Holden , Alesha Dixon and David Walliams - returned. Ant & Dec returned to host the main show, whilst Stephen Mulhern returned to host More Talent. 2014 saw the introduction of a new 'Golden Buzzer' twist, where each judge (and Ant & Dec) could press a central, golden buzzer once to send an act straight through to the live shows. 
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The Golden Buzzer was used throughout the series. In episode 1, Amanda Holden used hers for salsa dancing duo Paddy and Nico. In episode 2, David Walliams used his for singer Christian Spridon. In episode 4, Alesha Dixon used hers for girl band REAformed. In episode 5, Simon Cowell used his for singing duo Bars and Melody. Ant & Dec used theirs for comedian Toju.

In the semi-finals, Kony Puppets became the first act to receive 4 buzzes in the semi finals since Antonio Popeye in Series 5.

In the final, Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi were the first act ever to recieve a buzz in the final of Britain's Got Talent, after Simon pressed his buzzer. The other judges heavily critisicised him for doing so, however it did not prevent the group from finishing last.

Auditions Edit

The auditions for Series 8 were filmed between January and February 2014 in Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. Seven episodes of auditions were aired between the 12th April and the 25th May. 

Semi Finals Edit

45 acts from the auditions were chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals, the acts being revealed at the end of the second round on the 25th May.

Semi-Final 1Edit

The acts were:

Darcy Oake and Collabro made it through to the final. However, Jon Clegg was later sent through as a wildcard.

Semi Final 2Edit

The acts were:

James Smith and Addict Initiative made it through to the final.

Semi Final 3Edit

The acts were:

Lucy Kay and Yannis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi made it to the final.

Semi Final 4Edit

The acts were:

Bars and Melody and Lettice Rowbotham made it through to the final.

Semi Final 5Edit

The acts were:

Paddy and Nico and Jack Pack made it through to the final.

Semi Final StatsEdit

Top 5 acts by voting percentageEdit

  1. Collabro (62.3%)
  2. Jack Pack (57%)
  3. Bars and Melody (47.5%)
  4. Lucy Kay (45.8%)
  5. James Smith (41.3%)

Worst 5 acts by voting percentageEdit

  1. Allan Turner-Ward (0.5%)
  2. Brian Chan (0.5%)
  3. Kony Puppets (0.5%)
  4. Pyroterra (0.7%)
  5. Henrietta Adewole (0.8%)


These are the results of the Final:

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