Simon Cowell is a judge and the owner of Britain's Got Talent, who is known for making blunt remarks to contestants he does not like.

Cowell has made an appearance as a judge in every series of the show, however he was not present at the auditions for Series 5, as he was launching the American version of British show the X Factor. In the semi-finals of Series 5, he brought back Lorna Bliss and Michael Moral to bad decisions made by the other Judges. Before the Semi-Finals of Series 14, he was involved in a motorcycle crash and was temporarily replaced by Ashley Banjo.

Preferred Acts Edit

Simon is especially a fan of dog acts, including previous winners Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse and Ashleigh and Pudsey. However, as the owner of record label Syco, he is also known to support and give advice to singing talents in the competition, hence why five out of his eight Golden Buzzers have been singing acts.

Golden BuzzersEdit

2014: Bars and Melody

2015: Calum Scott

2016: Boogie Storm

2017: Sarah Ikumu

2018: Tim and Jack

2019: Kojo Anim

2019 (The Champions): Stavros Flatley

2020: Fayth Ifil

Outside of BGT Edit

As well as judging on Britain's Got Talent, Cowell has been a judge on numerous shows, including the X Factor and Pop Idol, and their American spinoff versions. He has been in a relationship with Lauren Silverman, and his son, Eric Cowell, was born on 14th February 2014. He produced Pudsey The Dog: The Movie, which later had the title changed to Pudsey the Dog: The Movie.

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