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Spartan Resurrection were a Scottish gymnastics troupe from Series 10 of Britain's Got Talent. They were acrobats aged between thirteen and twenty three years old. They made the semi finals.

In their audition they had a man stand upon another man and two women as they lifted him. They then had several members do flips over several trampets. After each piece of acrobatics the group members would land on gym crash mats that they had brought along with them.

In the semi finals they had a woman get lifted up by two men, before being placed atop a large staircase. Two members then did flips, as another two fought atop a large staircase with one, seeming to overpower the other and throw them off of the staircase. They then had two men lift a woman atop the staircase before several others flipped beneath them. They then had several other members fight atop the staircase and overpowered one another, before doing several lifts and flips. They received a standing ovation. They were eliminated by public vote at the end of their respective semi final semi final one.

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