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Spelbound are an acrobatics group who won Series 4 of Britain's Got Talent. Overall, there have been 20 members of Spelbound (including former members), many of whom have competed in World championships. They were aged between 12 & 25. They dreamt of impressing the judges and the audience, and ultimately winning the show as a whole.

In their audition they performed several gymnastics flips, and tosses. They then had certain member lift others into the air, as they performed airborne hand stands. They then had a member balanced atop of another members head, before certain members performed the splits on the stage, before performing airborne tosses and flips, as one member flipped into the air and later landed upon the stage before the group then performed several more flips to conclude their performance. Simon commented that he had 'never seen anything like [their performance] in his life', with Amanda describing their performance as 'absolutely faultless'.

They were the last act to perform during the Semi-Finals. In the Semi-Finals they performed several gymnastics flips, twirls, and tosses to fast paced music. They then performed several jumps into the air, airborne handstands, and the splits, before one member was span around by another member, before the group performed several airborne handstands. One member was then swung backwards and forwards by another member before their performance culminated by jumping in the air, before a member jumped into the air and got caught by another member. They won their Semi-Final and advanced directly to the Final.

The group were the closing act during the Final. They performed several flips and twirls, before then performing airborne handstands and climbing atop of one another. Several members then balanced atop other members heads with but one hand, before the group performed several airborne flips and jumped in the air and landed on the stage, culminating their performance by a member performing an airborne handstand jumping off of a members head and ultimately being caught by two other members. They ultimately won the Final, placing ahead of runners-up Twist and Pulse, & Kieran Gaffney.

After BGT

Spelbound performed during several events within 2012 Olympic Games as guest performers. Spelbound performed at the Royal Variety Performance 2012 for the 2nd time, however this time performed alongside Diversity, Stavros Flatley and Paul Potts. The following year they returned to the show during its first Semi-Final as guest performers, and returned as guest performers once again as part of a group of guest performing acts in 2016. They later went on to appear on Magic Numbers, the Britain's Got Talent Live Tour, Keith Lemon's Lemonaid, and Stand Up To Cancer.