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Stavros Flatley (Originally Stavros Flatly) were a novelty dance duo who made it to the final of Britain's Got Talent in Series 3. The duo consist of Demi Demetriou and his son Lagi. Demi was aged 40 at the time of their audition, whereas his son Lagi was aged 12 at the time of their audition.

To begin their audition a voice over played stating ‘would you please welcome, Mr. Stavros Flatley’ before Lagi ran out onto the stage and jumped around the stage in a circular motion. He then lifted one arm towards the judges desk before performing a traditional Greek dance routine, at which point Demi ran out onto the stage and held his arm out as Lagi stood beside it. Lagi then ran around Demi before running back towards him and performing a traditional Greek Dance in front of him, before then standing still so Demi could do so, with this process being repeated at least four times. The duo then both performed the traditional Greek Dance alongside one another and walked towards the front of the stage and threw off their wigs. Simon described their performance as ‘one of [his] favourite ever dance acts’. They advanced onto the following round and later reached the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals the duo entered the stage through the open walls to a Greek piece of music whilst wearing Fez’s with small plaits towards their side, with Demi entering first and Lagi entering second. The duo then went on to perform a traditional Greek dance routine whilst wearing these Fez’s alongside skirts. Midway through their performance several men did the same whilst stood behind them, before the duo shook hands and walked to the front of the stage in order to throw off the Fez’s and hugged. They won their Semi-Final and advanced directly onto the Final.

In the Final the duo once again came out separately with Demi skipping around the stage before Lagi came out and briefly performed solo by hopping up and down upon the stage whilst wearing the same wigs as their audition. They then began to perform a traditional Greek dance alongside one another in front of several female dancers to Lord Of The Dance, however midway through the performance Demi knelt down on the stage and Lagi helped him up. Once again the duo performed the traditional Greek dance routine alongside one another, before walking to the front of the stage in order to throw off their wigs. They received a standing ovation from both the audience & the judges. Demi later stated that the duo had ‘the time of [their] lives’, before he asked his partner Karen if she had remembered to record the show before they had left home. They ultimately concluded the Final in 4th place overall.

After BGT

In October 2011 they appeared on Celebrity Coach Trip alongside X Factor Contestant Wagner Carrilho on Day 9, replacing Emma Louise Boughton & Lizzie Cundy, however departed the Series after a day for reasons unknown. The duo performed at the Royal Variety Performance 2012 alongside Diversity, Spelbound and Paul Potts. In 2016 the duo returned to BGT as guest performer as part of a group of guest performing acts. They appeared as contestants on Sugar Free Farm in it's second series. In 2017 the duo both appeared as a part of Kenzii & Aaron's date on the second ever episode of ITV2's 'Dress To Impress'.

They returned as guests to 4MGs semi finals act 10 years on from their original appearance in Series 13. 4MG's semi finals performance had consisted of creating an anagram with help from the judges of another BGT act. They later revealed that the anagram when unscrambled created the act name Stavros Flatley, as Demi and Lagi then exited from one of the locker doors that they had been within during this act onto the stage to end 4MGs semi finals performance Stavros Flatley performed a short routine.

In the spring of 2019 Stavros Flatley appeared on The Champions (Series 1) to represent both Great Britain and Cyprus. The act began with a woman on a circular stage behind the judges desk playing a flute. The camera pan then cut to the stage were several dancers were seen dancing. It was then that the pair entered the stage separately as a giant circular flame could be seen in the background on a screen. Several drummers stood nearby them. They then did Irish dancing to conclude their performance. It was then that Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon wore wigs for a mere few seconds upon their heads. David Walliams attempted To comment, yet he could not be heard due to the audience chanting the word 'Buzzer' in an attempt to get Simon Cowell to provide them with his golden buzzer. David Walliams then commented that the act to him was 'what [BGT] was all about'. Alesha Dixon added 'You are probably the most iconic Britain's Got Talent act'. Amanda Holden then added that she believed that they had 'smashed it again'. Simon Cowell concluded that he had believed that 'The crowd went crazy'. Simon Cowell then proceeded to give the pair his golden buzzer at last, thus giving them an instant pass to the final.

Either late at night on Thursday 3rd October 2019, or early in the morning on Friday 4th October 2019 the duo announced that they were splitting up after the final of the first series of BGTC. Stavros Flatley will live on however though as Demi is set to continue the act with his nephew Samson, in the meantime Lagi will be focusing on his barber shop in Cyprus which surprisingly contains a Stavros Flatley Museum, which is located in its bathroom.

In the finals the pair walked onto the stage through an opening door which had a large circular shape on it, after a dancer danced on the circular stage behind the judges desk. It was then that the duo decided to teacher everyone how to dance with several backing dancers doing the same dances of moving from side to side, and holding onto each other's arms. It was then that music sped up and the duo ran from side to side in the stage, as Lagi then slowly began to run it circles. The act ended with the duo turning to face the judges desk and the live studio audience of supporters and super fans. Demi then stated "Your all Greek now, come on!". Simon stated that in Britain he believed everyone wanted to feel good and that was what "they [had] just done". David added that he believed what they had done was "Great". Alesha praised the act stating they "made [the judges] smile" and "Feel good". Amanda stated she had agreed with the other judges. Ant & Dec then asked Demi if there was anything he wanted to say, as he stated he wanted to win as his wife and daughter had come out from Greece to support him and Lagi. The duo came second overall, one place above third placed Kseniya Simonova, yet one place below first placed Twist and Pulse.

In Winter 2020 the original duo returned to BGT as part of the Britain's Got Talent Christmas Spectacular. The performance began with one half of the duo entering the stage upon a sleigh and the other dancing upon a giant bauble. As they performed the letters 'SF' we're on the stages backdrop in bright orange surrounded by flames. Midway through the performance both Ashley Banjo & David Walliams joined the duo upon the stage and river danced alongside them. To conclude the routine the duo threw off their wigs which were caught by Amanda & Alesha who then began to spin them around.