The Haunting was a magic act who reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 13. The act was introduced via a woman named Elizabeth, who was introduced to the stage in an eerie fashion, with her face flashing through previous shots of the stage and backstage. When asked what her full name was, she replied 'just Elizabeth', and when asked why she had come onto the show, she revealed 'I want to show you something special, and to make the impossible possible'.

Her audition began by the screen behind her fizzing and turning off, and the lights dimming. She then stated that 'theatres of the West End are said to be haunted by many ghosts', before asking Amanda to take a journal in her left hand and leading her to below the stage, where she sat opposite Elizabeth by a set of photos of people who died over 100 years ago. She then asked Amanda to place each photo on the table until she felt a connection with a particular photo. This photo had 'Agatha Turner - 1860' written on it, and when Amanda opened the journal at the bookmarked page stated 'Agatha loved the West End, and her ghost haunts the places she once loved'. Amanda was then asked to turn around, where 'Agatha Turner 1860' was etched onto the wall, then when she turned back Elizabeth has turned into a woman who resembled the woman on the picture. Amanda described the performance as 'horrific and brilliant', with David adding 'I was seriously spooked'. The Judges then announced her through, after which she announced 'the night's not over yet'.

Her semi-final act saw Amanda turn to face Simon, and Elizabeth touch Amanda and later say that it was Agatha. She had mentioned how Agatha and her (Elizabeth) had lost connection since the audition so she wants Agatha's old house as shown via VT. Agatha had a daughter Florence, who was 'cruelly taken away from her' at the age of 11 years old. She led Amanda back under the stage again, and gave her a book of nursery rhymes, aking her to turn to a page and sing the said rhyme in her head. Florence then began to sing it before touching Amanda and Agatha smashing a mirror as the two pinned her down. Once again Elizabeth announced 'the night's not over yet.'

Controversial eventsEdit

During the culmination of the semi-final performance, Amanda swore, causing controversy as the performance was before the watershed. Amanda was very quick to apologize once the act had been completed. There was also the controversy of the spooky nature of the act, which many parents had said that this act was unsuitable for younger viewers and that Elizabeth should not have got through, as their young children had been having nightmares based around the nature of Elizabeth's performances since they were aired.

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