Tina and Dog
Tina and Chandi was a dog act that made it to the final of Britain's Got Talent in Series 4.

Before her audition, Tina described Chandi as 'the amazing dancing dog', and said that she wanted 'to show everyone how beautiful and talented my little rescue dog is'. In her audition, she began by 'sweeping the floor' of the stage, listeing her leg up in unison with Chandi. She then began to dance with the broom, with Chandi following her dance moves and performing in sync with her. Amanda remarked 'it's just great to see your relationship, how she just really wants to please you, so thank you for looking after her', whilst guest judge Louis Walsh added 'it's the best dog act I've ever seen'.

In their semi-final, they performed to 'Me and My Shadow' by Frank Sinatra. They again performed dance routines alongside each other, with Tina using an umbrella as a prop. Piers remarked 'Chandi is the canine version of Wayne Rooney', with Amanda adding 'she [Chandi]'s gonna be up there with all the greats'.

In the Final, they performed to 'Let's Face the Music and Dance' by Frank Sinatra, with Tina using a pole as a prop. The performance was similar to previous performances, including a section where Cahndi ripped the bottom of Tina's trousers away. Piers joked 'it's like watching Simon and Amanda' and descried Chandi as 'a wonderfully intelligent and talented dog', however Simon remarked 'it's time for her to go back to her bone'. Tina relpied 'There's an expression Simon: There's life in the old dog'. They finished fourth in the public vote.

After BGT Edit

Chandi died in 2013, after which Tina continued to train her new dog, Grace. Tina died in 2017 from metastasised melanoma, an aggressive form of cancer. Her husband Steve stated ‘I am devastated that she is gone, but I’m happy that she is no longer suffering and is at peace'.