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Tobias Mead is a dancer who made it to the Final of Series 4 of Britain's Got Talent.

In his audition he danced to 'Ching Ching' by Missy Elliot by slowly moving his body around the stage, and moving his legs from side to side before then placing his arms behind his back and lifting his shirt over his head. He then turned around with his hood up whilst wearing his hat, however now wore some sort of mask that resembled The Joker from DC Comics Batman. He then began to perform a fast paced dance routine to 'Spitfire' by The Prodigy, by quickly moving his body from side to side and bending backwards whilst sat down on the stage briefly, before then standing back up and briefly dancing, before walking backwards. He then removed the hat and mask as the hat seemed to be a second one connected to the mask and stood with one leg in the air. Amanda described the performance as 'brilliant' and stating that it was like his body were 'made out of liquid or something', however Piers criticised his performance stating that he had seen performances like that before however usually they 'cover more ground [compared to Mead]'. He advanced onto the following round and later reached the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals he entered the stage by jumping out of what seemed to be a box in front of a large staircase to 'Invaders Must Die' by The Prodigy. He then began to perform a fast paced dance routine and seemingly lifted a black ball of some kind off of the stage before controlling its movement with his mind, before removing his jacket and holding onto a pole and bending his body sideways. A spotlight then shone on him before he moved his body in a very quick manner towards the right hand corner of the stage, before doing the same in the centre of the stage. He then lay down upon the stage before then standing back up and seemingly having the black ball gravitated into his hand by using his mind, before he then winked at both the audience & the judges. He won the Judges Vote and advanced onto the Final.

In the Final he entered the stage to 'Omen' by The Prodigy by having a lookalike of some kind slowly coming down onto the stage from the ceiling with his head pointed towards the stage. This lookalike then lay down on the floor as he performed a fast paced routine wherein he moved his body from side to side, whilst several people lay down on the floor and slowly lifted their legs into the air. He then seemingly rewound his performance after the camera briefly panned to two more lookalike men who were stood in large boxes on either side of the stage. As he rewound his performance he removed his hat and quickly began to spin around before then placing the white mask back on his head, before lookalike men appeared and grabbed him and lifted him into the air, before he kicked both of his legs in a forward motion. The performance concluded with the lookalike who lay down on the floor throughout the performance lifting his arm through the centre of a target that the other two lookalike men may have been holding. Following his performance, he ultimately concluded the series in sixth place overall.

After BGT

Four years later in 2014 he competed upon Sky1's 'Got To Dance' in its fifth and final Series, as part of duo Duplic8 alongside Jak Tuite-Leach and the pair won the competition as part of Adam Garcia's team.


  • Both Tobias & Prodijig are the only two acts associated with Britain's Got Talent to have won 'Got To Dance'.
  • Tobias was the only one of the two to do so with another person who had no association with BGT as the second half of a duo however though.