Twist and Pulse Dance Company are a group created by Britain's Got Talent runners-up Twist and Pulse. They made it to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 6. They were aged between 12 & 20 at the time of their audition. When asked what they wanted to achieve in five years time they stated that they wanted a World Tour.

In their audition the group performed a dance routine to a small medley of songs including robotic music & 'Who Let The Dogs Out' by Baha Men, in unison at the centre of the stage. They then slowly walked further forward onto the stage in unison as an archive recording of Rylan Clark-Neal asked 'Guys are you ready?', before one member ran across the stage and performed a flip as the other members remained in place. Following this a member named Josh ran out from backstage and performed a brief solo routine before another member moved his mouth as if he were speaking the words of an archival recording that said 'Josh you didn't even tell your mum that you were gonna be on TV', before Josh moved his mouth as if he were speaking the words of the following parts of the archival recording that said 'me, don't care'. Following this the group moved back to the centre of the stage as Josh knelt down on the stage and the remainder of the group performed in unison. Josh then began to dance in unison alongside the group, before they put their right fits in the air and walked around in a circular motion, before Josh performed a brief duet with another member of the group, before the group then began to perform in unison once again. Three members then performed in synchrony before another member performed a handstand upon the stage. They then began performing in unison once again as they walked to the centre of the stage, before one member performed a flip in front of the remainder of the group from one side of the stage to the other. Alesha described the groups energy as 'incredible', before adding her liking that they had mixed up their performance as they went from 'humour to aggression', with Simon adding their performance as both 'funny' & 'sharp'. They advanced onto the following round and after discovering this Glen & Ashley ran onto the stage in order to collect the group, who later reached the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals they performed a dance routine in unison to fast paced & robotic music, however early into the performance one member performed a flip. Josh then appeared wearing sunglass and holding onto a pole to 'Men In Black' by Will Smith from Men In Black, before the group then performed in unison. The music then changed to fast paced music once again as several members jumped into the air before landing back upon the stage, before dancing in unison once again. Josh then re-appeared at the side of the stage and performed a brief Lion King routine, before then seemingly asking the remainder of the group to 'join in' by moving his mouth as an archival recording of some sort played. Their performance concluded with one member of the group performing a flip across the stage from one side to the other as the remainder of the group stood still behind them. They advanced onto the Judges Vote and received two votes from Amanda & Alesha however David & Simon voted for their opposition Molly Rainford, therefore sending the vote to deadlock. Rainford ultimately came second in the earlier Public Vote, whereas the group had come third, so Rainford made the Final, whereas the group were sent home.

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