Urban Gypsies

Urban Gypsies are a belly dancing group who made it to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 2. In the audition, they said that they wanted to 'promote belly dancing around the world for the older woman.' They danced to Indian music, wearing large dresses and red hats. They began by dancing in a line, before splitting into smaller groups and dancing together. They then moved back into one main group and finished their act. Piers Morgan was not impressed, however Amanda Holden was, and persuaded Simon Cowell to let them into the next round.

In the semi final, they danced to 'Hip's Don't Lie' by Shakira.The act began with one woman dancing in the centre of a horse-shoe shape created by the other women. They then danced in one line, before splitting into two lines, which merged into a formation. For the rest of the act, they alternated between this formation and the line. Again, Piers was not impresssed, and the group did not make the finals.