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Hello all! Thought I'd give this guide a few tweaks to account for the decision changes I've made in the past couple of years, plus to account for the changing userbase. I've also added a few readability tips at the bottom. BGT Wiki is very free-and-easy as to what you want to put on your pages. This is why we don't use infoboxes or other templates that only someone with a Masters degree in Computer Science can use. However, it would be great if you could roughly follow this format:

Person Name 

Person name is an (type of act) that auditioned/reached the Semi-Final/Final of Britain's Got Talent in Series X. (any other information such as age/location can go here). 

In their audition, they (description of act). Judge A said/remarked/exclaimed/look-in-a-thesaurus-for-more-words '(this)', whilst Judge B added '(this)'. (if they got kicked out at the audition stage or the second round, say that here).

(Repeat for Semi-Final and Final)

After BGT

If they did something of note later on in their career, add this here! Note: You don't *have* to do it in this way, if you don't we'll probably change the formatting a bit but if the info is good we won't have to change what you've actually written. Note: You don't *have* to follow this format but we'll probably make a few formatting tweaks if you don't - as long as the information is good that's the main thing.


As a change from what was previously said by me, all contestants can now go in the 'Contestants' category. Each series has a 'Series' Category; for example either Series 11  (for semi-finalists), Series 11 Second Round Rejects (for acts that got through the auditions but didn't make the semis) or Series 11 Audition Rejects (for acts that didn't make the auditions). There are also various 'Types of Act' categories you can put them in.


Here are some more things you may find useful.

  • Long paragraphs aren't really a good thing - 3-5 lines is ideal, but if there's only enough information for one line that's also fine, if 'she performed a tap dance' please don't say 'she danced with her left foot up and then she danced with her right foot up and then she kicked her knee in the air' etc.
  • I sort-of covered it above but we don't need a forensic description of every move an act made, if someone likes the sound of it they can watch it themselves, a basic overview will suffice (obviously magicians/danger acts need a bit more explaining but try and keep it as short as possible whilst including everything you need to include).
  • It shouldn't need saying but personal opinions are NOT for the page - if you think The Singing Souls need to spend 10 years working in a pig farm please leave it for the comments.
  • If you've got an idea for a new category let us know first before implementing it - there's no way of mass-removing categories so it'll take us ages to sort it out if we don't think it's suitable. Similar goes for a new feature - if you're not sure just ask, we don't want to end up having to delete all your hard work!
  • DON'T CREATE PAGES WITHOUT INFORMATION ON THEM! It shouldn't really need saying but recently there have been a few pages pop up consisting solely of the name of an act and nothing else. This is mainly done by anonymous users (presumably) in the hope someone else will do their dirty work for them but it really doesn't add much to the site. If you want to get involved add a few sentences to the page, we'd love you to get involved!

Thanks all, I hope this helps people on the fringes feel a bit more confident about adding to the pages!