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Vigo Ven

Viggo Venn is a novelty act who won Series 16 of Britain's Got Talent. He was aged 33 at the time of his audition. He hailed from Norway, however was living in the UK at the time of his audition, citing his reason for this as being due to the fact that Norway was, according to him "Very boring". When asked why he wanted to audition, he stated he wanted to become a British comedian.

In his audition, Venn ran around the stage jumping and clapping his hands to 'One More Time' by Daft Punk as he removed a series of Green High-Visibility jackets, before removing Pink and Golden hi-vis jackets. To culminate his performance, Venn grabbed a brush and began to sweep the jackets that he removed. Simon buzzed his performance. Bruno remarked 'You pushed the stupidity to such a level that it was killing me', with Simon adding 'It's the most stupid act we've had this year'.

In his Semi-Final performance, Venn asked each of the Judges to record their name as 'My Name Is' by Eminem played before mimicking each of them, and performed a dance using a hi-vis jacket to 'One More Time' by Daft Punk. Alesha remarked 'I think we all need some Viggo in our lives', with Simon describing Venn as 'The most annoying act of the night, but weirdly, my favourite act of the night'. He won the Public Vote and advanced directly onto the Final.

In his Final performance, Venn told a joke in Norwegian, played Space Invaders against alien models of himself and Simon with his body in a balloon which Simon popped to reveal Venn in a high-vis jacket before Venn gave Simon a high-vis jacket and performed a dance to ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk. Alesha remarked ‘You have literally captivated the nation’, with Bruno adding ‘You have created one of the most memorable characters since Mr. Bean [and] you should have your own series’.

After BGT[]

In November 2023, Venn appeared on an episode of the second season of CBBC’s ‘Bros In Control’ and on an episode of CBBC’s ‘Saturday Mash-Up’.[1][2]

In December 2023, Venn performed at The Royal Variety Performance in front of the Prince and Princess of Wales, with his performance being introduced by Simon Cowell. In his performance, he performed a compilation of each of his BGT performances, before John's Boys performed a rendition of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk.

Additionally in December 2023, Venn performed his ‘One More Time’ routine alongside Mini Viggo Venn on 'The National Lottery's New Year's Eve Big Bash' which was hosted by Jason Manford and BGT Judge Alesha Dixon.

In April 2024, he briefly appeared during the introduction for the first episode of Series 17 and appeared on the fifth episode of BGT Reacts.


  • He is the first act to receive a buzz in an audition and later win a Semi-Final.
  • He is the first act since New Bounce to receive a ‘No’ in the auditions but win a Semi-Final.
  • He is the first ever winner to receive a ‘No’ vote from a judge in the audition round.
  • He is the first ever winner to be buzzed at any point throughout the competition.
  • He is the second winner, not to originate from the UK, after Attraction.
  • Viggo later revealed in an interview that he had no intention of actually winning BGT. His plan was to simply go viral, by having his performance buzzed off before showing off the red jacket seen at the end of his audition, however his plan went wrong as only Simon buzzed his performance.[3]
  • He is the first winner since Lost Voice Guy to audition in Manchester.